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Two Rock Akoya 4x10 50W Limited Edition Combo w/NOS Components & Footswitch



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From Two Rock:
• We designed this amp to balance nicely with your guitar, making the interaction between the tone and volume pot on the guitar a more seamless interaction with the Gain and Master controls on the amp.
• The Clean Gain, Master, and Reverb are grouped together, and the OD Gain, OD Master and OD Reverb are also grouped together for ease of use.
• The Presence control has been refined for a broader EQ range.
• The Tube Tremolo is the same classic circuit we created for the Matt Schofield Signature amplifier.
• We've created a "Tone Boost." This switch is a secondary EQ setting that will increase overall gain on both channels, essentially creating a boost on the tone stack (unlike our traditional Bypass that bypasses the tone stack altogether.)
• The cabinet design has also been optimized with a new wood type. During development we experimented with several different types of wood and settled on a furniture grade poplar ply that brought the amp to life with a more percussive and lively sonic quality.


• Treble, Mid, Bass tone controls
• 2 channel cascading gain stages with separate controls for Gain, Master and Reverb
• Tube Tremolo circuit
• Analog spring reverb

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