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Two Rock Sensor 35w Head



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In the world of two channel amplifiers, the SENSOR brings Two-Rock's classic cleans, mixes a tighter, more aggressive overdrive channel, and adds a fully buffered tube effects loop...the ultimate package for players who love effects.

For years Two-Rock has been developing and reinventing the 2 channel style of amplifier. The latest incarnation replicates the great clean tones that Two-Rock has become known for, and adds a more modern and aggressive lead channel. This lead channel, which incorporates an adjustable, internal tone stack, is voiced similar to British style amplifiers. The fully buffered, tube effects loop is a first for Two-Rock, incorporating a Send and Return control with a switch for Series or Parallel loop function. This allows the user more control over the amount of signal moving through the loop and returning back to the amp. A new feature, Expansion, adds an adjustable EQ bypass adding more gain to either channel. This feature bypasses the clean channel tone stack, or isolates the internal tone stack on the lead channel.

  • Dual channel clean and lead with cascading gain stages and independent masters.
  • NEW Expansion control allows an adjustable EQ bypass to the clean channel or isolates the internal lead tone stack. This Expansion function increases the amount of gain on the front end. This function is foot switchable.
  • Fully buffered tube effects loop with Send and Return controls and a switch for Series or Parallel loop function which allows users the ability to use more modern, time based effects.
  • New medium sized chassis for head and combo. Newly developed Combo dimensions have increased the dynamics for a harmonically rich tone.


  • Two Channel (Clean and Lead) with cascading gain stages
  • Independent Clean and Lead channel Contour controls
  • Expansion control - foot switchable
  • 6V6 power tubes on 22 Watt versions, 6L6 power tubes on all other models, with 5 12AX7 pre amp tubes.
  • Fully buffered tube effects loop with Send and Return controls and a switch for Series or Parallel loop function
  • Increased Combo and Head dimensions
  • 4, 8, and 16 OHM speaker outputs

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