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Walberg & Auge 4pc Perfection Drum Kit Avocado Strata 1970s USED

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Walberg & Auge 4 piece set, with sizes of 12x8, 13x9, a rare 14x16 (14” diameter, 16” depth), and 22x14.  Walberg & Auge was a MA based company that made drum hardware for many of the major American drum companies, and made some very limited runs of drums throughout the 40s-70s.  These drums feature Rogers lugs, Gretsch floor tom brackets and mounts, and Ludwig T-rods and claws.  The mufflers are missing from the toms, but all other parts are original and in working condition.  There are a few minor knicks on the bass drum resonant side edge, but nothing major.  The hardware is in good condition with minimal pitting.  There is a patch of wrap that is missing on the bottom/side of the bass drum.  The shells used for this kit were the same Jasper 6 ply shells that Gretsch was using at the time.  These are hard to find kits, and this one features a unique wrap in overall good condition.

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