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Wren and Cuff Violet World Fuzz (CME Exclusive)



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The great minds at Wren and Cuff bring this Chicago Music Exchange exclusive Violet World Fuzz straight from the internet to your pedalboard!

Around 1973-74 EH yet again made another tweak to the artwork and schematic of the early Big Muff circuits. A close relative of some of the early “Ram’s Head" muffs in tone, these pedals had a couple distinct changes that gave them their own sound, and were easy to spot because of their violet colored silk screen ink. Collectors refer to them simply as the “Violet Editions". As usual with EH, there are a couple different versions of this era’s muffers, so despite what you may hear, there is no exact “Violet" sound. The most distinct feature IMO is a generous mid-scoop in the overall voicing. When most people think Big Muff, this is the sound they think of. Lots of gain and a nice sharp dip in those mids. Two words come to my mind when I hear this pedal: “Juicy" and “Velvety". If it was an icy day in New York, this is the oversized, fur-lined velvet jacket you’d slide on before you head out the door. After the usual meticulous hunt for the best transistors, I had a thought and wondered if the famous BC108C “tin can" transistors could suit this circuit. The answer was yes, yes, yes!!! None of the original Muffs actually used these transistors, in fact, they are most known for being the favored trannies in the original 1970’s era silicon Fuzz Face pedals. I have a decent size stash of these bad-boys that are the real-deal. None of the eBay fakes here. These little gems came to Wren and Cuff in the original sealed boxes, and not only sound beautiful, but look beautiful as well. Made by Motorolla, and no longer produced, this supply is limited, as are the amount of Violet World pedals that can be made. This pedal is a true treasure that has to be heard to be believed. If you prefer a lot of gain, a big scoop, and velvety tone, this is the pedal for you.


  • Violet era recreation muffer
  • BC108C transistors
  • Built like a tank, hand-made in the USA
  • Comes with our iron clad “No questions asked” warranty that is the best in the industry
  • True “hard-wire” bypass that is as “true” as it gets
  • Powered with a standard 2.1mm, 9V neg-tip adapter, or 9V battery
  • Shipped with a vintage style carbon-zinc 9V battery

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