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Zoom MS-100BT Multistomp Effect Pedal w/Bluetooth



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Dynamics / Filter

Shape and control your sound with these 20 compressors, noise gates, filters, equalizers and wah effects. Go for the classic tone of the MXR Dynacomp, Aphex PunchFactory, Moog MF101 or Z. Vex Seek-Wah, or craft original effects using the automatic Slow Attack, parametric equalizer or six-band graphic EQ. You'll also find talking modulators here, as well as random and comb filtering effects and Zoom's Noise Reduction (ZNR) algorithm, designed to remove noise during pauses while still maintaining your guitar's natural tone.

Overdrive / Distortion

The MS-100BT's 21 boosters, overdrives, fuzzes and lead guitar sounds include emulations of the BOSS OD-1, DS-1 and Metal Zone, as well as the Fuzz Face, Ibanez TS808, MXR Distortion+, Marshall Guv'nor, Matchless Hot Box, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff and Pro Co Rat. Our ExtremeDS effect offers the most powerful gain of any distortion effect in the world, and there's even a simulator that allows your electric guitar to sound like an acoustic.

Amp models

8 of the most realistic amp models ever created, including emulations of the finest tube and solid-state amps from manufacturers like Fender, Marshall, Vox, Two Rock, Diezel and ENGL.

Modulation / Special effects

29 different modulation and special effects are provided, including phasing, flanging, chorus, pitch shift, tremolo, vibrato, ring modulation, auto-rotary speaker simulation and autopanning-even an intelligent harmonizer that plays along in key. Also provided are emulations of the Boss CH-1 Super Chorus and CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, and ADA and MXR 117R flangers, as well as off-the-hook effects like MojoRolle, Slicer, BitCrush and Bomber.

Delay / Reverb

You'll find 22 mono and stereo delays and reverbs here, including natural-sounding rooms, halls, arenas, plates, springs, and tape delay simulators, all designed to add depth and spaciousness to your sound. The MS-100BT even offers reverse, pitch-shifted, filtered, multi-tap and self-oscillating delays-everything you need to give your sound realistic depth and dimension.

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