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ZT Lunchbox Acoustic Amplifier



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The Lunchbox Acoustic is ZT's first two-channel acoustic guitar amp, a compact masterpiece with perfect features, flexibility, and tone for the performing acoustic musician. A top-quality, dedicated microphone channel and separate instrument channel each sport the individual controls you need and the rich tonal palette you want. Complemented by 200W of clean amplifier power, anti-feedback circuitry, a pro-grade reverb, and highly flexible signal I/O, the Lunchbox Acoustic is an affordable, one-box performance solution for the home, the club, the cafe, or the recording studio.

The original ZT Lunchbox took the music world by storm, and proved that their unique amp technology can pack an amazing amount of sound into a tiny, reliable, and attractive package. Now, with the Lunchbox Acoustic, this level of performance is available for working singer-songwriters, vocalists and demanding acoustic players of all styles. The Lunchbox Acoustic is easy to carry and easy to use, but provides plenty of clear, natural, room-filling sound when you need it. Designed with logical simplicity but able to adapt to each unique environment, instrument, and individual voice, the Lunchbox Acoustic offers the features you need to get the very best out of real-world performing situations.

The Lunchbox Acoustic holds a down-to-earth visual appeal, yet remains unmistakably ZT. That little red circle on the front lets you know you're looking at a uniquely powerful compact amp. Like the original Lunchbox, unmatched in its combination of performance and portability, it is sure to become the best friend of working musicians everywhere.

  • Mic channel strip with 1/4" and XLR inputs
  • Instrument channel strip with 1/4" input
  • Dedicated mic gain control
  • Dedicated instrument gain control
  • Plate-style reverb with independent channel controls
  • Effects loop
  • 3-position Anti-Feedback Control with bypass
  • Anti-clip limiting circuit
  • Phantom power
  • Variable headphone/DI output
  • Custom ultrahigh performance 6-1/2" speaker, switchable
  • External speaker output
  • Aux input on 1/8" stereo jack
  • Voltage switch 115V/230V

    System Design:
  • 200W Class A/B Power Amplifier
  • Ultra-low latency circuit for player responsiveness
  • Pure, Hi-Z analog instrument front-end
  • Low-noise balanced mic preamp with interference rejection
  • Proprietary dynamic tone shaping
  • Vintage modeled instrument tone stack
  • Class A/B output stage with unregulated linear supply
  • Anti-feedback circuit
  • Anti-clipping circuit
  • Effects loop with active send for multi-amp setups
  • Direct Power Amp In option
  • Sealed-box speaker tuning


International customers: In accordance with our authorized dealer agreement with ZT Amplifiers, Inc. we are not able to ship ZT products to customers with shipping addresses located in any country outside of the United States that also has ZT Amplifier distribution in place.  Chicago Music Exchange reserves the right to cancel any incoming orders that violate this policy.

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