Elektron | e25 Remix Editions

Create, Re-mix, Play It Back, and Repeat to Your Heart’s Content w/ New Elektron e25 Remix Editions!

The new Elektron e25 Remix Editions now available at Chicago Synth Exchange offer new users and Elektron enthusiasts, alike, a limited run of silver-faced Digitakt, Digitone, and Syntakt! 

Dreamed up in recognition of Elektron’s quarter-century of music-making products, Elektron’s new e25 Remix Editions are inspired by yesteryear, yet, made to help today’s musicians shape the future of music to come.


Hand-built in stainless steel, each e25 instrument chassis bears a laser-etched logo and unique number stamp, which comes in a box containing an e25 poster, as well as a greatest hits sticker sheet spanning multiple decades—in addition to a special e25 Remix Edition cassette tape featuring an hour of original and eclectic music from the Elektron team.


Digitakt e25 Remix Edition

The Elektron e25 Digitakt 8-voice digital drum machine and sampler contains all the necessary tools you need to make people move to the beat—like, a digital and highly flexible sound engine, sampling capability, a live-friendly sequencer, dedicated tracks for controlling external MIDI gear, and Overbridge support. Made for heavy use, the Digitakt features hi-res encoders and extremely durable back-lit buttons (rated for 50 million presses)—plus, an ultra-crisp OLED screen, which visually renders the Digitakt’s streamlined user interface with optimal clarity.


Digitone e25 Remix Edition

No band? No problem! The Elektron e25 Digitone digital synth is an eight-voice polyphonic digital synthesizer, which uses four oscillators, or operators, per voice to allow users to create algorithms they can shape, enrich, and modulate the sound even further, using the powers of subtractive synthesis!


Syntakt e25 Remix Edition

The Elektron e25 Syntakt 12-track drum computer & synthesizer features 35 analog and digital drum machines. Packed with percussive possibilities, the Syntakt lets users craft, sequence, and perform music with sounds generated via an intuitive user interface. Plus, with/ onboard MIDI and USB 2.0 ports, you can plug in an external MIDI controller to take your compositions even further!


Come to the Synth Exchange to create, re-mix, play it back, and repeat to your heart’s content w/ the new Elektron e25 Remix Editions, now available at CME! Call, chat us online, or head down the stairs in our Lincoln Avenue showroom to learn more!

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