Labor of Love: Nathan Kalish

In our series LABOR OF LOVE, we're talking about the LABOR OF LOVE that is music and is behind music and musical instrument making. If Papa was a Rolling Stone then Nathan Kalish might be Papa's pops. He's a living example of the wandering troubadour, music is his life and there aren't any options. Currently calling Nashville home after spending the last decade on the road. His new record 'I Want to Believe' is country-Americana at it's core with a nod to psychedelic, folk and good old fashioned rock ‘n roll

How did the making of music become your life?
I got hired as a drummer for the Deadstring Brothers and eventually i left to pursue my own music.

How did you get your start?
I played in chuch as a kid.

In these times it's an incredible challenge getting by making music, everyone at CME has found a happy home here to support our passion for music. How do you make it work?
I tour all of the time, that's how I pay the bills. I don't make much from sales or streams.

How does it all come together?
I used to book myself then i eventually got my numbers up enough to get an agent then another and another and now my third. I wear them out like a bandit wears down his horse.

Who were your major influences?
Tom Petty & John Prine

What guides your playing style?
I'm really into acoustic music for the first time in my life, so I've been more into bluegrass like Norman Blake and Tony Rice

What's your rig?
I think my first guitar amp was a Silverface Bassman with 2x15s. I currently don't own an electric rig. It was the ones that didn't have a master knob so before those happened.

First guitar?
Nashville Mexican tele

60s beat up old J45

Any gear you can't live without?
I love LR Baggs para DI

What do you have coming up?
I'm always on tour

Working on a new album currently hoping for a spring release

A European tour next February.

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