PWM Mantis Duophonic Hybrid-Analog Synthesizer

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Description & Specs

This project is a collaboration between the late Chris Huggett (Gnat, WASP, OSCar) and PWM (Paul Whittington). In development over the last period of his life Chris threw everything he could into the Mantis. Although incomplete when he passed away he handed his part of the project over to Paul to continue and to see what, if anything, could be made of it he really was so humble in his work! We at PWM, with the support of Chris’ estate, think this synthesiser is totally amazing and deserves to be born into the world for everyone to enjoy, and we know Chris would be really proud too!

The OSCs are generated at boot-up using complex mathematics. They run on a DSP chip that gives ultimate stability and control without compromising the unique sound. This is what makes the synth a hybrid but don’t be fooled everything after that through the mixer, gain staging and the filter is analogue.

The Filter is a multi-mode state variable VCA Filter with overdrive. It is built using the SSI2164 chip in special configuration designed by Chris Huggett. There are two filters one for each analogue signal path. They can be combined in series or parallel and used with the width control and width modulation to create that distinctive sound only heard on the OSCar.

The Mantis has two simple digital effects: Reverb and Chorus. Reverb has a time and level adjustment but also a high and low pass filter that can be switched in to limit unwanted lower mud and/or higher bouncy twinkles (!)

Mantis has 2 ADSR envelopes but each has an additional ‘Sustain Fall’ parameter and negative and positive velocity modulation level hardwired for convenience. ‘Sustain Fall’ allows you to create a drop before release even while a key is held for greater sound design possibilities. Each envelope can also be put into repeat mode to act as a pseudo LFO if you wish.

The gain staging on Mantis is, of course, all analogue and is run through the SSI2164 VCAs - we have a few of them in the design! The signal is actually twice amplified to ensure the overdriven sound is warm and clips naturally.



  • Duophonic with 2 discrete analogue signal paths
  • 2 Oscillators + sub oscillator per voice
2 Envelopes with sustain fall and envelope repeat  2 LFOs with 4 waveform types and sync  2 Multi-mode filters with drive, keytrack and frequency modulation
Dual filter mode with width and modulation
  • 37 note full sized keybed with aftertouch
Multi-function joystick and octave shift  Arpeggiator with 6 modes, tap tempo, swing and sync & unique duophonic arp mode  Reverb with low & high pass filtering and 4 chorus modes
  • Mixer with Noise and Ring Modulation  Oscillator density and drift  Modulation Routes with fast configuration  Selectable triggering  USBC  Powered via DC PSU
MIDI Din IN, OUT and THRU  Sustain pedal 
  • input  Controller pedal input  1/4” Stereo master outputs 
  • 1/4” Stereo headphone output  

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