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Guitars at Chicago Music Exchange

Chicago Music Exchange is the foremost authority on used and vintage guitars, not just in Chicago, but worldwide. We employ and work with some of the most knowledgeable guitar experts in the business. Customers, collectors and professional musicians alike look to Chicago Music Exchange for guitar trends, guitar market changes and for access to incredibly rare vintage guitars. Whether you need an affordable beginner guitar, a used acoustic guitar or a vintage electric guitar – this well-known Chicago guitar shop is the place to look. Shop here online or stop by our Chicago store to experience the most beautiful guitar showroom in the world.

Guitar Showroom

From the stunning wall of Gibson guitars, to our Fender Custom Shop section, various amp displays, the gorgeous acoustic guitars room, to The Bassment bass guitar shop, the Chicago Music Exchange guitar showroom is an experience in-and-of itself. If you can't visit us in person, this video and photo tour will give you a taste.

The SoundBoard

Chicago Music Exchange Welcomes Matt Pike of Sleep

August 28, 2014

Sleep's music is all-encompassing - it's loud and it's heavy and it surrounds you and dares you not to listen. We imagine you all might feel the same way about walking into the showroom. With a floor-to-ceiling guitar selection, they literally surround you and dare you not to play. Today, we were visited by Matt Pike of both metal outfits Sleep and High on Fire. Sleep, active during the 90's and recently reformed, passed through Chicago Music Exchange this afternoon (en route to a performance, of course).

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