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Chicago Music Exchange has ongoing music gear giveaways including effects pedals, guitar straps, gig bags, concert tickets, and more! Check back for weekly updates to our gear giveaway contests and enter to win!

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"Sonomatic was born, like many circumstances in life, by chance. But, sometimes chance becomes destiny and what started off like a simple idea is now a compromise that is marking our lives.

After a year of product design, branding, and carefully studying manufacturing process, “Equipamiento Musical SRL” now all that work resulted in our first line of guitar effects pedals “Sonomatic”.

Sonomatic effects are manufactured with selected high quality components, robust to withstand heavy use of live shows, and faithful to the audio and aesthetics of the golden years of rock and roll!"

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Sonomatic Efectos Standard Ruby Booster

Standard Ruby is ideal for lifting the guitar's signal, especially during solos. It's unique "ego" control enables graduating the output level.

Standard Ruby sounds great with electric bass, adding a unique tone, especially when playing with a pick. Just like with guitars, it significantly improves the quality of sound in basses with cheaper pickups.

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In-Store Giveaways

In addition to our bi-weekly online giveaways, Chicago Music Exchange also hosts ongoing in-store giveaways. All you have to do is shop at the store and enter your e-mail address at the counter. Winners are chosen quarterly.


D'Angelico EX-SD Solid Body Natural

You could win this guitar! Stop by the store to enter (no purchase necessary). Whether you’re looking to rattle the walls of an arena or craft the ultimate recording in your home studio, the D'Angelico EX-SD is everything you’d expect from a solid body electric guitar and more.

Retail value $1,349. Now thru September 30, 2014.

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Past Giveaways & Winners


  • Recording King The Madison Banjo - IN-STORE GIVEAWAY - Dan S. - June 2014
  • DW Collectors Maple 3pc Drum Kit - IN-STORE GIVEAWAY - Mike R. - June 2014
  • Heavy Electronics Sonic Oppressor - Ross C. - May 2014
  • ThinkSound ms01 Earbuds - Leo D. - May 2014
  • Blue Mics Snowball Microphone (Black) - Brent S. - April 2014
  • DOD Phasor 201 Analog Phaser - David S. - April 2014
  • Divine Noise 30ft White Curly Cable - Jeffrey U. - March 2014
  • DOD 250 Analog Overdrive Preamp - Adam H. - March 2014
  • Detroit Custom Snare Drum - Thomas S. - February 2014
  • Reverend Sensei RT Silver Metal Flake - IN-STORE GIVEAWAY - Celeste K. - February 2014
  • Lanikai TunaUke Tenor Ukulele - Bryanna P. - January 2014
  • Darkglass Microtubes Overdrive B3K - Charlie H. - January 2014
  • IK Multimedia iRig - Harvey M. - January 2014
  • Rocksmith 2014 Edition - Alex H. - January 2014


  • Empress Effects Nebulus - Christal M. - December 2013
  • Fulltone OCD - Dave L. - November 2013
  • Eastwood Sailor Jerry Airline '59 Coronado Guitar - IN-STORE GIVEAWAY - Francisco E. - November 2013
  • Hercules Guitar Stand - Harold B. - November 2013
  • SolidGoldFX BETA Bass Overdrive Pedal - Surya G. - October 2013
  • Reunion Blues Bass Case - RJ R. - October 2013
  • Copperpeace Gypsy Leather Guitar Strap - Teresa C. - October 2013
  • Homebrew Electronics Germania 44 Pedal - Joe O. - October 2013
  • Two 3-Day Passes to Riot Fest Chicago - Seth D. - September 2013
  • MXR M75 Super Badass Distortion Pedal - Tim C. - September 2013
  • Xotic SL Drive Distortion Pedal - Zachary C. - August 2013
  • Coldcraft Effects Cascade MKII Pedal - Jonah M. - August 2013
  • Caroline Kilobyte Lo-Fidelity Digital Delay Pedal - Grant S. - July 2013
  • ZVex Fat Fuzz Factory Hand Painted Pedal - Andrew B. - July 2013
  • Voodoo Lab Giggity Overdrive Pedal - Christian S. - May 2013