The Showroom


The Showroom is the heart of the Chicago Music Exchange. From the moment you walk in, you know that this is more than just a music store. It's an experience, a place to explore and enjoy limitless possibilities.

You might notice our Les Paul Wall, covered floor to ceiling with Gibson Custom Shop and USA models, rare vintage pieces like our real 1959 Burst, and exclusive custom builds that you'll only find at the Chicago Music Exchange, like our CME Spec line, thoughtfully designed with our favorite historic specs and Custom Bucker "S" pickups.

Or maybe our extensive stock of Fender, including everything from new and vintage amps to a wide range of guitars for all budgets, like our CME Exclusive lines, our carefully specced Chicago Special Custom Shop models, one-of-a-kind master built instruments, and a collection of vintage and used guitars spanning from pre-CBS treasures to accessible, player-grade pieces.

Our effects counter could sweep you up with a veritable sea of the industry's newest and most exciting effect pedals, intermixed with a curated selection of sought-after vintage models.

Or you might want to have a seat on one of our couches, take it all in, and just be.

Whatever grabs you, we're happy to have you in the Chicago Music Exchange Showroom. Take a look around. Stay for a while, and if you need help, just ask. 


The new Acoustic Room is a dedicated, climate-controlled environment where we house all our acoustic instruments, from major brands like Martin and Gibson to independent builders like Huss & Dalton, Collings, and Santa Cruz, as well as folk and bluegrass instruments like resonators, banjos, mandolins, and ukuleles.

The Taylor Experience, an interactive guide to Taylor's complete product line, allows you to sample the endless body and tonewood combinations Taylor has to offer, and in the Vintage and Used Acoustic Room, our vintage Gibsons hang side-by-side with pre-war Martins and National Resonators in a collection that spans over 100 years of music history.


Below the main Showroom, the BASSment booms with all things bass, like our CME Spec Fender Custom Shop Jazz and Precision Basses, our exclusive La Bella "Chicago Style" strings, new models from Gibson, Sire, and Rickenbacker, an ever-changing selection of curated vintage pieces, and everything else you need, like amps, effects, cases, and accessories.


The Chicago Synth Exchange is our newest addition. Here, you can demystify the modular monster and program your dreams into reality with a carefully curated collection of 'boards, boxes, booms, and bips from top brands like Korg, Roland, Moog, and Teenage Engineering. Our experts make synthesizing easy. They can guide you to the gear that'll have you cranking out tech-savvy tones in no time. 


While connected to the main Showroom, the Chicago Drum Exchange stands alone. CDE carries the best in new, used, and vintage gear, with exclusive kits, snares, and hardware created in partnership with the industry's top brands like A&F, Ludwig, Gretsch, and DW, and our deep selection of cymbals and percussion accessories offer endless color to keep your kit varied and vibrant. 

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