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Chicago Music Exchange is not just a guitar store. We're a valuable resource for musicians. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and enjoy new guitar demo videos every week! Chicago Music Exchange specializes in musical instruments – from rare vintage guitars and new and used gear, to the latest in effect pedals. With a staff that is highly entertaining and extremely knowledgeable, and a talented in-house film team, we are able to provide you with excellent video demos, in-store artist performances, brand documentaries, and sharp short films every week, featuring the best in new, used and vintage gear.

All of our videos feature our employees and are created here, in-house at the Chicago Music Exchange, so if you're looking for guitar demo videos, 100 Bass Riffs, or featured drum kit demos, we've got your gear cinema covered.


70 YEARS of The Fender Stratocaster!

Seventy years ago, Fender’s “original contour body” electric guitar design debuted with the release of the first Fender Stratocasters in 1954. In celebration of the Stratocaster’s platinum jubilee, Chicago Music Exchange is offering our customers the once-per-decade option to own the contemporary epitome of this historic instrument with Fender Custom Shop 70th Anniversary 1954 Stratocasters!

In our demo, Daniel, Daniel, and Nathaniel go over the 1954-specific details, Leo Fender’s player-centric ethos, and the modern appointments that can be added by ordering here at CME. Call today to learn more about the slew of Custom Shop ‘54 Strats coming in—as well as commemorative ‘54 Strats, in addition to incoming ‘54 Strats Master Built by Levi Perry at Fender Custom Shop! Or, if you’ve been dreaming of your ideal ‘54 Strat, spec it out with us! Our Fender Custom Shop sales reps are ready to take your call, give you a quote, and provide you with an ETA when you order yours from CME today!


Every Friday, the CME House Band does what they do best: play hooky. The only difference? We get it all on film. Sit in on some of CME’s most memorable jams, and check back in each week for a new groove.

CME Sessions: Friendship Commanders | Live At Chicago Music Exchange

Even if you crank those headphones up to 11, you still won’t get even close to the experience of recording Friendship Commanders—the loudest band we’ve ever had in the building, by far! Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, this heavy duo, composed of vocalist/guitarist Buick Audra and drummer/bassist Jerry Roe, gave us a taste of some tunes off their latest concept album “MASS” (which was co-produced, engineered, and mixed by a friend of CME, Kurt Ballou, at his Salem, Massachusetts studio, GodCity). Hear it here in this week’s CME Session with Friendship Commanders!



Vintage Gear Demos

Whether you’re looking to trade in your vintage gear or expand your collection, we’ve got the goods, and we’ve got ‘em on film. Check out our vintage gear demos for the lowdown on legendary vintage guitars, basses, and more by brands like Gibson, Fender, Rickenbacker, and Gretsch.

Exclusive Gear

CME Exclusives are only available at the Chicago Music Exchange, and we love to show them off. We demo all our favorite models to illustrate what sets them apart and ensure that even the smallest details are never out of reach. Learn more about CME Exclusive guitarsdrums, and more by brands like Fender, Gibson, Ludwig, and La Bella.


Dime that sucker! Dig our amp demos and check out models by Fender, Tone King, Marshall, and more and get the ten you want to turn to 11.

CME Vault

Take a look inside the CME Vault. Scope our rarest and most coveted vintage Gibsons, Fenders, Martins, and more, and don’t let the door close behind you.


If you guessed that the Chicago Drum Exchange is where we keep the beat, you hit it on the head. Watch drum demos on new gear from today’s top brands like Ludwig, Tama, DW, A&F, and more.


Put the pedal to the metal and cruise through our huge playlist of effect demos, complete with detailed run-throughs of new builds by manufacturers like Earthquaker Devices, Fuzzrocious, Electro-Harmonix, and JHS.


At the Chicago Music Exchange, the music never stops, unless you hit pause. Check out live performances by some of our favorite artists on some of our favorite gear, and see if you can’t spot the Les Paul Wall, the Chicago Drum Exchange, and other CME landmarks.


We’re always down to keep it au naturel. Enjoy demos of amazing acoustic guitars by brands like Santa Cruz Guitar Company, Taylor, Collings, and Gibson, a lot, lot more. And if you don’t see your favorite brand right away, dread not! There is plenty to peruse.


Is your used music gear getting stale? Looking to take your playing to another level? At Chicago Music Exchange every trade is an upgrade to your instrument arsenal! Not only that, it can be an avenue that leads your playing in new musical directions—even, to some of the most extreme ends of the creative spectrum!

Here at CME, Your Old Guitars Will Never Go Out of Style!

Now, trading or selling your musical instruments is easier than ever with the CME Mobile App, or, you can click the “Trade Now” button on our listings to get started, today!


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