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Wampler Pedals started much in the way many other pedal companies have - the quest for "that tone". When Brian Wampler, CEO of Wampler Pedals, felt unsatisfied with the sounds he was getting from stock pedals, he tweaked and modded effects to get close to the tones he kept hearing in his head. Once Brian began making his own circuits and brand new designs, Wampler was born. With Brad Paisley, Brent Mason, and Tom Quayle among the notable guitarists who proudly use Wampler pedals, it's a safe to say Wampler is a trusted, tried-and-true member of the boutique pedal community. From the classic Wampler Plexi-Drive to their recently released option for bassists, the Low Blow, Brian's proven his affinity for gifting world-class guitar tone to great guitar players.

Brian has created an incredible team at Wampler, ensuring that each and every pedal is as if he had made it himself - packed with tone and with the quality to back it up. Each pedal is hand-built in the United States with the highest quality parts. Wampler stands behind their products with an incredible warranty, so you can have confidence in the performance of these stompboxes.

Today, Brian is just as committed to making great sounding pedals as he was at beginning – and he does it, right here in America’s heartland.