Repairs will be closed February 25th to March 1st. Please give us a call or chat to schedule your repair ahead of time! Thank you.

Guitar Repairs & More!

Whether you're a once-and-a-while-player or a rock star, we treat your instrument with the same respect and attention to detail. We want you to be blown away by the quality of our work. No matter what your guitar needs may be, our expert repair techs are here to help. Extra attention is spent guaranteeing that all the guitars that come through our repair shop get the best treatment. We also specialize in guitar electronics and custom circuitry to really bring out the tonal properties of your guitar.*

Don't forget, we buy used and vintage guitars of all varieties!

Repair Shop Business Hours:
OPEN - Wednesday - Saturday: 12 PM - 5:30 PM
CLOSED - Sunday - Tuesday

*Response time may vary during non-business hours. CME Repairs is open by appointment only. We do not have repair services for amplifiers, effects pedals, and pro audio equipment but for a recommendation please give us a call!

Please call ahead (773) 525-7773, chat us, or set an appointment on the calendar below; we'll be in touch, thank you!

Our Price Guide

*Prices do not include the cost of strings and/or parts
**Lead times may vary. Call ahead for a turnaround estimate.

6-string Electric, Nylon String Classical, Steel String Acoustic— $85
Floyd Rose Style Trem— $105
12-string Electric or Acoustic— $105
Evertune— $125



INSTALL COMPONENT— $40+ : Applies to a single potentiometer, jack, or switch. Additional fees may apply when installing Push/Pull pots, rotary switches, or other "non-standard" electronic components.

ELECTRIC PICKUP INSTALL— $50: Applies to a single pickup. Does not include modifying instrument to accommodate the pickup. Additional fees may apply to Active/Battery powered systems.

ACOUSTIC PICKUP INSTALL— $85: Additional fees may apply depending on the brand of pickup system.

GUT AND REWIRE OF ELECTRONICS— $120 : +$50 surcharge for semi-hollow and hollow-body guitars.

For questions regarding services not listed, please email us at

Our Reviews

'It's like a whole new guitar. The rewiring they did actually quieted the buzzing of the guitar some and also added some new features (a series/parallel switch for anyone that cares) giving new tonal possibilities to my favorite axe. I can't say enough good things about the guys in the service dept. They are top notch. I know if I have any issues I can bring the guitar back and we'll get them sorted.'


'I am most impressed with the repair service. I've taken over a dozen guitars there for re-setting, re-stringing or re-habbing. A recent doubleneck purchase was given 4 new pickups at the recommendation of the staff, and they sound fantastic. A bass repair required an innovative fabrication that solved a serious problem without damaging the vintage quality of the instrument.'


'I had a question for the repair guys in the basement level and they were awesome. I have a vintage instrument that I picked up as an investment and the repair guy was just enthused to talk shop and was not trying to get me to have them do any of the work.'