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Lindy Fralin

Lindy Fralin

Lindy Fralin Pickups is a boutique electric guitar pickups manufacturer based in Virginia. Fralin Pickups are hand-wound one at a time by the company's skilled craftsmen. This level of quality control results in Lindy Fralin's loudest, flattest frequency response possible with the fewest turn of wire.

Fralin got his start in the early 90's winding by hand on a homemade machine because his satisfaction was not met with what was available commercially in the pickup world. It took years of experimenting with various formulas but he finally found one that improved the tone of standard single coil windings. After this, several guitar players heard his resulting product and asked him to the same for their guitars. From that Lindy Fralin Pickups was created. His company still winds their pickups by hand to the exact specifications of each customer and is staffed by skilled craftsmen who are either musicians or music enthusiasts. Lindy Fralin & his employees all take pride in making the finest electric guitar pickups that they can- all hand wound, one at a time.

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