Meet the folks who make it happen! Sales, customer service, and beyond—see and hear it from the people behind the scenes! Here at Chicago Music Exchange we're all musicians or music fans so feel free to ask any of us your burning questions!

Andrew Yonke

Chief Executive Officer

Well I ain't always right but I've never been wrong, and it seldom turns out the way it does in a song. Once in awhile you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right!

Favorite Gear: 1959 Gibson ES 355 in FACTORY BLACK!!

Favorite Concert: 2017 Farm Aid
- Neil Young's set with Promise of
the Real as his band. INSANE.

Jonathan Urban

Store Manager

Jonathan is dedicated to making CME one of the coolest places to work and your best local music store no matter where you live. On the weekends you might catch Jonathan blowing out his eardrums through a series of old Marshalls with his local tribute band. He is an avid AC/DC, Gibson SG, and Mini Cooper fanatic, so be sure to not mention any of these things to him.

Favorite Gear: 1965 Gibson SG

Favorite Concert: AC/DC at Wrigley Field 2015

Geoff Tinta

Assistant Sales Manager & Lead Guitar Specialist

Favorite Gear: 1965 Gibson SG

Favorite Concert: Smashing Pumpkins 1997

Alex Chadwick

Senior Key Guitar Sales Specialist

Singer, songwriter, journeyman, and poet laureate, Alex has spent the better part of his last fifteen years playing guitar, and his last ten putting the right ones in your hands. With a habit for making any guitar sound exemplary, Alex is our man for Strats, Teles, and vintage Fender basses.

Favorite Gear: 1974 Fender Stratocaster Mocha

Favorite Concert: Levon Helm at Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN (2008)

Jason Freeman

Senior Key Guitar Sales Specialist

A native to Chicago Jason has been involved in the Chicago studio scene since 2010 after graduating from Full Sail's recording arts program and has spent the last 14 years playing guitar in several bands around the city.

Favorite Gear: My Custom TSmith 7 string tele

Favorite Concert: Whitechapel 10 year anniversary tour at the Rave

David Azizinamini

Senior Sales Specialist

The more amps and pedals you have on stage at one time the better!

Favorite Gear: Banker Guitars, Victoria and Matchless Amps

Favorite Concert: Pearl Jam- Wrigley Field- Aug 24, 2016

Zach Avery

Guitar Sales Specialist

As a Minnesota native, Zach began playing shows around the Twin Cities at age 13. He earned his chops between the St. Paul School of Rock and the city’s Rock n Blues circuit; eventually competing in Memphis at the International Blues Challenge two years in a row. He now fronts a band under his own name, and plays all around Chicago.

Favorite Gear: Heritage H-535 (Antique Natural)

Favorite Concert: Rolling Stones at TCF Bank Stadium (2015)

Phil Hunger

Guitar Sales Specialist

 A hoarder of gear and records, Phil is often found riding motorcycles, baking pastries, and  playing psych rock and ambient electronic music.

Favorite Gear: Korg Monopoly, Vox Royal guardsman, 2002 MIM Strat, Jordan bosstone fuzz

Favorite Concert: Damo Suzuki, Empty Bottle 2007

Karl Neurauter

Acoustic Sales Specialist

Hailing from the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago - you can either find Karl in our acoustic room, or performing somewhere around town. He's also a fan of craft beer, cold brew coffee, and carbs.

Favorite Gear: 1953 Gibson J-45

Favorite Concert: Fleet Foxes at The Chicago Theatre

Josh Dugue

Acoustic Sales Specialist

Singer, player, cook, Husband, Dad, Doing what I love, loving what I do...doobie doobie do!

Favorite Gear: Atkin White Rice

Favorite Concert: Zero 7 & Jose Gonzalez at the Park West in 2007

Scott Tooredman

Bass Sales Specialist

As a Chicagoland native and bassist, Scott has spent the last few decades playing in bands he's sure you've never heard of. But these days, you can find him hanging in Humboldt Park with his dog, watching an NBA game, or arguing about how underrated Spider-Man 3 is.

Favorite Gear: every Fender P Bass

Favorite Concert: Motion City Soundtrack - Metro - September 18, 2016

Kyle Hammond

Drum Specialist

After growing up in a tiny town in rural Illinois for most of his life, Kyle moved to Chicago in 2010 to pursue music. He’s a self-proclaimed lover of loud music and loud drums.

Favorite Gear: Ludwig & Gretsch Drums

Favorite Concert: Wu Tang Clan 2019

John Paul Moser

Sales Representative + Drum Specialist

Born in Park Ridge, IL, John studied music and percussion at Northern Illinois University. He was an in-house studio drummer/percussionist at Solid Sound Studios from the late 90’s to 2019 and has toured the United States, Europe, and Canada for the past 18 years with various artists and bands.

Favorite Gear: C&C Drums & Zildjian Cymbals

Favorite Concert: Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails at Red Rocks Colorado July 21st, 2014

Kenny Lightfoot

Counter Associate

Abbi Bryson

Front Door Associate

Elizabeth Moen

Front Door Associate

Guitar noodler, singer-songwriter from Iowa City, IA and newly a Chicagoan. Elizabeth loves 12-strings, way too much reverb, glass slides, live music, biking by the lake, her friends, and sturdy but breathable socks!

Favorite Guitar: Gibson ES- 340 1968

Favorite Concert: Stromae, Metro Chicago 2014

Daniel Escauriza

Vintage Inventory and
Purchasing Manager

As the manager and head buyer of the vintage and used inventory here at CME, Daniel tells people all the time that he has the best job on planet Earth. He enjoys working closely with his fantastic team as they acquire inventory and obsess over curating the best vintage collection possible, while sharing enjoyable experiences through transparent transactions with clients.

Favorite Gear: Gibson L-00 from 1932 and Carstens Black Flag

Favorite Concert: Gillian Welch and David Rawlings at the Vic in Chicago (2011)

Daniel Albert

Vintage Buyer

Cat enthusiast. Dog petting aficionado.

Favorite Gear: Anything blonde or Sherwood Green.

Favorite Concert: Fleet Foxes at The Chicago Theater, 2017

Mike Larsen

Used & Vintage Buyer

Born & raised on Chicago's Northside, Mike is a lifelong bassist & vintage gear fanatic. Specializing in Fender & Gibson history, he's also a connoisseur of the rare & obscure. When he's not scouring the earth for the the coolest vintage gear, you can probably find him watching the Hawk's game, playing bass in local alt-rock band, LFN, or hanging out with his english bulldog.

Favorite Gear: 61 Stack Knob Jazz Bass

Favorite Concert: Fearless Flyers at Concord Music Hall (2018)

Nik Simic

Vintage Receiving

Favorite Gear: Fender Telecaster through a Deluxe Reverb

Favorite Concert: 1994, Beastie Boys Ill Communication Tour

Liz Flemke

Customer Service Manager

Raised by moose in the great state of Maine, Liz loves helping customers "out of the woods" with any problem that may arise. Along with her love for great gear and psychedelic bands, she spends her free time practicing roundhouse kicks and plotting her next adventure.

Favorite Gear: 68 Coronado with a 90s Jazzmaster neck and Greco humbuckers

Favorite Concert: Roky Erickson and the Black Angels at Park West in 2014

Joseph Soldati

Customer Service

Favorite Gear: Fender Jazz Bass & that new pedal that does the thing.

Favorite Concert:
Pat Metheny Unity Band, 2012

Agata Potyra


"Hey Buddy..."

Aaron 'A.C.' Coleman

Warehouse Manager

Aaron is a Michigan transplant. He loves the Detroit Red Wings and is a Prince super fan.

Favorite Gear: Gretsch drums, Dream Cymbals, Fender basses, Technics 1200

Favorite Concert: The Specials on Warped Tour '98

Jimmy Jawicki

Shipping + Receiving

Born into a family of musicians and producers, Jimmy has always felt a strong connection to music. Though currently working on a degree in Computer Science here in Chicago, he is 100% dedicated to getting you the right gear, faster than anyone else in the business.

Favorite Gear: Blue Hofner Shorty

Favorite Concert: 1st Concert - Evanescence

Bob Mullaney

Assistant Warehouse Manager

Grown from spores that fell from space, Bob has lived in Chicago all his life and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. He received a bass from his Gram-Diddy (grandma) for his 20th birthday and it was all over from there. "I love all music!"

Favorite Gear: Darkglass microtubes 900

Favorite Concert: Summer Slaughter 2009 or The Black Crows and Tom Petty

Liz Reyes

Warehouse Receiving Manager

Liz is a Chicago native, Percussionist, and DIY show aficionado.

Favorite Gear: A&F Pancake Snare or Istanbul AGOP 30th Anniversary Ride Cymbal

Favorite Concert:
Summer Slaughter Tour Chicago 2008 - The Black Dahlia Murder!

Joe Steffek

Warehouse Receiving

Joe works in the receiving department. He sings and plays guitar in a band called The Inventors. His dad has 9 fingers!!!

Favorite Gear: Red Kyser Capo. Never leave home without it.

Favorite Concert: Sharon Van Etten, Thalia Hall, 2-14-19, 2019

Anthony Krecioch

Returns + Receiving Dept. Lead

Anthony is a music lover, creator of stained glass pieces, lover of all things four legged and furry, and a traveler. 

Favorite Gear: DW Collectors Series Snare, any of them.

Favorite Concert:  Rancid - I’ve seen this band most than I can count and they’re never a let down.

Joseph Laxner

Warehouse Shipping + Receiving

"I Never met a donut I didn't like."

Favorite Gear:
My beat up, busted, Greg Bennett Samick.

Favorite Concert:
Yanni Live at the Acropolis. I wasn't there but... if you could just see this tape.

Andrew (Dodd) Smith

Warehouse Shipping + Receiving

Dodd is a lover of music- from Black Metal to R&B, and everything in between! He is a  proud dog dad to his standard poodle, Boogeyman.

Favorite Gear: His 2003 graffiti yellow Tom Delonge Fender Stratocaster

Favorite Concert:
  Any of the many times seeing Rancid with his Dad

Bill Kidera

Warehouse Shipping + Receiving

Bill is a professional musician and educator in the greater Chicagoland area. He received a Bachelors in Music from Elmhurst College and a masters from DePaul University. Primarily a guitarist, Bill enjoys performing all styles of music and geeking out about music theory and harmony. 

Favorite Gear: Gibson L-4 CES, natural finish.

Jonas Larkin

Warehouse Shipping + Receiving

Dave Johnson

Shipping Clerk

Chris DeAngelis

Shipping + Recieving

CT born and raised, Chris has been playing and recording music as long as he can remember. When technology meets music, that's when he gets excited!

Favorite Gear: Pioneer RT-707 Analog tape Machine with Auto Reverse

Mike Vinopal

Shipping Clerk

James Brown

Receiving Clerk

Ezra Saulnier

Shipping Clerk

Tom Galvin

Operations & Integration Specialist, Tech Wizard

Born and raised on Chicago's South Side, Tom was snuck into bars and pubs by his parents on school nights to play covers since the age of 14. While his main instrument is guitar, he will try to play anything he can get his hands on. When he is not optimizing business processes, you can find him backpacking or fishing in the north woods or wherever he can get off the grid.

Favorite Gear: Tom does not play favorites.

Favorite Concert: Neil Young - Chicago Theatre 2008

Laurel Scott

Inventory Specialist

 Laurel grew up in Elmhurst, IL and graduated from Elmhurst College with a bachelor's degree in Music Business and a strong love for jazz. Her main instrument is violin, but she also plays mandolin, guitar, and bass. Her passion for music started when she was very young (thanks Mom!) and she has never looked back since. When Laurel is not playing or gigging, you can catch her at Logan Square's Cafe Mustache or at home cuddling her cat Ziggy watching endless amounts of Peep Show reruns!

Favorite Gear: 1969 Gibson SG Standard Walnut

Favorite Concert: Christian McBride's New Jawn (2018)

Alec Johnson

Guitar Processing Manager

Alec was raised on a small farm in Iowa. He studied anthropology in college, but followed his love of music and lutherie to Chicago. Now he spends his days finding the perfect combination of neck relief, string action, and intonation that makes a guitar feel and sound phenomenal.

Favorite Gear: His own one-of-a-kind creations

Favorite Concert: Daddy-O and the Demolition Band at the Yacht Club in Iowa City

Phil Glodek

Guitar Technician

"I fix broke stuff."

Favorite Gear: Fender J Bass

Favorite Concert: Radiohead, Lolla ‘08

Dustin Martin

Guitar Technician

An Illinois native and University of Illinois alum, Dustin began working on guitars from a lifelong interest in taking things apart and putting them back together. He developed his tech skills while an apprentice at Specimen Products in Chicago, and now makes sure every guitar he touches at CME plays and sounds the best it can. He's also big on cats and can absolutely crush some Simpsons trivia.

Favorite Gear: Skreddy Lunar Module fuzz

Favorite Concert:
Glen Hansard at Millenium Park in 2014

Logan Bloom

Guitar Technician

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Logan has been involved in the local music scene since he started playing guitar at age 10. Logan discovered his passion for instrument repair during a brief stint as a high school music teacher in CPS. He now spends his days changing your strings, making sure your necks are straight, and cleaning the grime off your frets and fingerboard - and he wouldn't have it any other way. Besides tinkering with guitars Logan loves bikes, dogs, and coffee.

Favorite Gear: My 1968 Gower "The Nashville" acoustic guitar.

Favorite Concert: Maps & Atlases, Subterranean, 2007

Alec Moore

Guitar Technian

From Minneapolis,  Alec likes playing tasty tunes and hanging out with his dog.

Favorite Gear: my 1974 Fender Twin Reverb Silverface amp

Favorite Concert:
Ty Segall and The Muggers at First Avenue in Minneapolis. 2016

Victor Thomas

Guitar Technician

Victor is utterly obsessed with vintage gear and a connoisseur of bad jokes.

Favorite Gear: Aria Pro II RS Inazuma 1985

Favorite Concert: The Chariot | Glass Cloud at Kingdom 2013 - Richmond, VA.

Ryan Smith

Guitar Technician

"Distort everything."

Favorite Gear: Fuzz

Blake Kobiska

Guitar Technician

Blake was raised in Florida and started playing guitar when he found his dad’s copy of the Back In Black record at 11. He followed music and guitar to Chicago at 20, then to Seattle, and found his way back. He loves old Marshalls, coffee, and working on amps and guitars. Blake plays guitar in his local AC/DC cover band on the weekends. He attended Galloup School and is incredibly proud to be part of the CME team.

Favorite Gear:
 1962 Gretsch Duo Jet

Favorite Concert: AC/DC in Orlando 2009 

Ryan Palshis

Guitar Technician

Originally from Crystal Lake, Ryan is a self taught harmonica player who also enjoys playing a Les Paul in a dirty basement. When he's not rocking, he's creating an animated, interactive web comic about a homeless robot. Ryan has been packing and shipping for years so he'll pack your stuff with care and get it to you fast.

Favorite Gear: Hohner special 20 10 hole diatonic harmonica

Favorite Concert: Slaughter and The Dogs with The Briefs at the fireside bowl back I think 2003.

Brody Vukobratoich

Guitar Technician

Brody was born and raised in Naples, FL and loves to work on guitars.

Favorite Gear: My 2016 Gibson Flying V

Favorite Concert: Metallica, Orlando 2017

Daniel Bordonaro

Director of New Product

Dan is a songwriter who has been in music retail virtually uninterrupted since the ripe age of fifteen! He is an uncompromising fan of the Buffalo Bills and all of his favorite music is Canadian.

Favorite Gear: Guild D-55 Antique Burst (mine is a New Hartford-era)

Favorite Concert:
Alexisonfire at S.C.E.N.E. Fest 2006 in St Catharines, ON

Gavin Wahl-Stephens

Product Manager

Raised in Portland, Oregon, Gavin  moved to Chicago in 2018. Aside from the obvious love of guitars and music, he enjoys comedy, baseball, and family.

Favorite Gear: 1972 Fender Silverface Dual Showman Reverb

Favorite Concert: July 27, 2013 Phish at the Gorge Amphitheater. Very tight that night. Super funky Sneakin' Sally and a 2001 jam that I believe eventually became the basis for Martian Monster. JJ Cale passed away that day and I was really sad about it, so the After Midnight cover was perfect.

Mike Hussa

Drum & Percussion Product Manager

Growing up just outside of Chicago, Mike has always known that he wanted a career involving drums. Now, between working for the Chicago Drum Exchange, playing drums for Blue Man Group Chicago and doing various freelance gigs, he is completely dedicated to working in the field that he is most passionate about.

Favorite Gear: 5.5x14" Ayotte Keplinger Snare

Favorite Concert: A Tribe Called Quest at Pitchfork

Saul Reyes

Product Opportunity Specialist

Saul was a dog in at least one past life.

Favorite Gear: Sony A6000

Favorite Concert: Dimmu Borgir at the Vic or Infected Mushroom at the HOB

Damon Piatt

New Product Coordinator

Joe Sherman

Product Category Manager

Joe is an Indiana man who enjoys a warm vintage synth, a cool breeze, a good slow jam, and an occasional glass of wine. 

Favorite Gear: Sequential Prophet-10

Favorite Concert: Tame Impala at Red Rocks

Trevor Matthews

Product Photographer

Chris Regalado

Product Photographer

Matt Shewaye

Product Photographer

Will Bristol

Brand Manager

Obsessively following music for the better part of his life, Will finds joy in all aspects of the art world. Designing and music-ing are his favorite past-times and designing/marketing for music is a pretty sweet deal! Ask the right thing and he will ramble for days.

Favorite Gear: OBNE Dark Star

Favorite Concert: Rilo Kiley at The Moon 2005

Sam Porter

Marketing Photographer

"It's Saturday somewhere!"

Favorite Gear: My Science Decolonizer 100w Head

Favorite Concert: The Hives at The Metro, white-suit era. IDLES at Lincoln Hall, 2018.

Ben Brundage

Senior Marketing Copywriter

"Cheap beer, country blues, and writin' good since '87."

Favorite Gear: MaidRite Washboard

Favorite Concert:
John Prine - Newport Folk Festival '17

Zach Moore

Social Media Coordinator

"More Donuts" 

Favorite Gear: A&F Drum Co. 

Favorite Concert:
 The Felix Culpa, O'Brother & The Dear Hunter at the House Cafe in DeKalb, IL circa 2011.

Andrew Tricaso


Originally from Akron, Ohio, Drew moved to Chicago in 2014 to attend Columbia College Chicago and study film. He likes making ambient music, art and hanging out in the woods.

Favorite Gear: Moog One. Someday...

Favorite Concert: Aaron Carter's House Party Tour 2001

John Scott


Nathaniel Murphy

Product & Brand Video Specialist

Will Feeney

Marketing Intern

Ehmed Nauman

Marketing Intern

Deb Jawicki

Director of Finance

From Recording Studio Manager to Record Company Executive to Operations Manager here at Chicago Music Exchange, Deb's been in the music biz her whole life. Toss in singer/songwriter, recording artist and vocal coach and you get the whole picture.

Favorite Gear: Neuman U87 & Universal Audio LA-610 Tube Preamp

Favorite Concert: Amnesty International

Dave Piscotti

Accounting & Financing

Favorite Gear: Gretsch Renown Maple kit with DW 6.5 x 14 Collectors Maple Standard snare

Favorite Concert:
George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic at The Vic 1999

Chris Conway

Accounting Associate

Favorite Gear: His Heritage Sweet 16

Favorite Concert: Jonathan Kreisberg & Dave Kikoski duo at Piano Forte 2016

Kelleigh Romba

Accounting Manager

Originally from Northwest Indiana, Kelleigh moved to Chicago in 2014 after graduating from Purdue with an accounting degree. She comes from a long line of accordion players but broke tradition by spending her time at DIY shows growing up. (From polka to punk)! Now she makes homemade pierogi and pastries in her spare time. Kelleigh also enjoys the beach, backpacking, and bike rides.

Favorite Gear: Sharp EL-1801V

Favorite Concert: Lucero at Firehouse Pub in 2013

Adam Hines

Listings Manager

"Beats for sale!"

Favorite Gear: 
Boss DS-1

Favorite Concert: Julien Baker at Pitchfork (2018)

Ryder Baumann

Listing Coordinator

Born in Portland, OR in 2001. Little did I know back then, as I was but a youngster, that my future step-father would end up being the second in command, and then in command, of Pro Guitar Shop. This event would kickstart my deep love of pedals and effects. Something that would extend beyond the life of PGS (2004-2017). A legacy that would carry into my brief stint in the fulfillment department at until I found a home at the Chicago Music Exchange. I joined the team in Fall of 2018 and in the brief time I've been here I can already tell how special this place is. If you want to buy from someone who has your back, buy from CME.

Favorite Gear: DOD FX25 Envelope Filter 1983