Chicago Music Exchange Launches the CME Mobile App for iOS & Android

For over 30 years, Chicago Music Exchange (CME) has garnered a reputation as a musical instrument retail destination among a global following of vintage instrument collectors and MI gear enthusiasts—serving both as a local hub for the city’s vibrant and eclectic music scene, and as a routine stop for professional touring acts in town. Boasting a massive selection of the latest and greatest gear that the music products industry has to offer, as well as an ever-changing selection of vintage and used instruments—plus, a handful of rare collector’s items—CME offers a retail experience that’s unlike any other store. 

Now, following the establishment and integration of the Chicago Drum Exchange and Chicago Synth Exchange into CME’s extensive product offering, Chicago Music Exchange is proud to announce the next major step toward living up to its unofficial namesake as “World’s Greatest Guitar Store,” with the rollout of the CME mobile app.

“We were obsessed with getting our app right,” said CME’s CEO Andrew Yonke. “We had a ton of fun putting our heads together to get it right, and I think our efforts show in how easy our app is to use. Having the CME app gives you near-instant access to new arrivals, and it’s an open door for us to buy your gear anywhere in the world.”

Following CME’s proven success in integrating online sales into its business model, fostering further growth of its retail operations with the help of both indirect sales via e-commerce platforms, and direct sales facilitated through the company’s website—the continuously updated CME mobile app promises to pair individual musicians and instrument collectors with the gear they want to buy, in real-time, before it’s out the door, and/or out of stock. 

CME Mobile App Highlights!

-   Shop CME’s collection of over 14,000 guitars, amplifiers, synthesizers, drums/percussion, microphones, accessories, and more

-   Be the first to know about new gear arrivals, fresh price drops, and re-stock with notifications tailored to match the user’s purchase history and browsing preferences

-   Access to exclusive gear and merchandise that’s only available at Chicago Music Exchange

-   Participate in app-specific product giveaways

-   Use their smartphone camera to upload all the info necessary to sell or trade in gear via the ‘CME Sell & Trade Form’

Keep Up on Current CME Inventory with the CME Mobile App!

Available for iOS and Android devices through the Apple App Store and Google Play store, the new CME mobile app is designed to aesthetically emulate the visual—at times, even, emotionally visceral—experience of browsing CME’s showroom. Tailored to each customer’s specific interests and gear needs, the CME mobile app offers users immediate access to the latest gear available in CME’s inventory, wherever they might be.

Whatever a customer’s usual routine may be when visiting CME’s showroom—whether ogling the main showroom’s massive walls, studying Taylor’s assortment of tonewoods, browsing the collection of rare vintage basses, banging on the drum all day, fiddling with the latest synths releases, or upgrading their recording arsenal—now, they can do it all, any time, using the CME mobile app.

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“The World’s Best Guitar Store” in your pocket!

With the CME app, it’s easier than ever to search for any item in CME’s catalog—including new, used, and vintage offerings in stock, or available for preorder—among the store’s carefully curated collections. Just like the company’s website, the CME mobile app virtually replicates the Lincoln Avenue showroom’s visual aesthetic and flow, letting customers browse gear at their leisure—all within a user interface designed to help customers navigate freely between CME’s full range of distinct product categories.

In addition, the app provides notifications specifically tailored to match each customer’s unique gear interests, past purchases, and aspirational items, keeping customers informed of the items they’re on the lookout for. 

From everyday workhorse instruments, to exclusive models from major manufacturers, to hard-to-find boutique brands, limited-quantity custom shop models, sought-after vintage collectibles, and musical artifacts of historical significance—now, anyone can access CME’s entire inventory of items for sale with the CME mobile app.

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