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Vintage Guitars at Chicago Music Exchange

Chicago Music Exchange is the foremost authority on vintage guitars and vintage gear, not just in Chicago, but worldwide. We employ and work with some of the most knowledgeable vintage guitar experts in the business. Customers, collectors and professional musicians alike look to Chicago Music Exchange for vintage trends, pricing and for access to incredibly rare vintage guitars. As early as the 1970s, mass production of acoustic and electric guitars began to make the quality, craftsmanship and materials of older instruments harder to find, and thus more valuable. Appreciation for the incredible quality and sound of the guitars made in previous eras grew. Today vintage guitars are highly coveted instruments, both for players and collectors. At Chicago Music Exchange, we pride ourselves on an unmatched ability to seek out, revive, and curate the most astounding selection of vintage guitars in the world. Explore vintage guitars...

Our Showroom

From the stunning wall of new and vintage Gibson guitars, to our Fender Custom Shop section, various amp displays, the gorgeous acoustic room, to our new Bass Shop on the lower level, the Chicago Music Exchange space is an experience in-and-of itself. If you can't visit us in person, this photo tour will give you a taste.

The SoundBoard

Used Guitars: The Future is Bright

April 24, 2014

Used guitars are an important part of our business here at Chicago Music Exchange. But did you know that used guitars are also critical to the sustainability of the instrument industry AND the environment as a whole?

Find out how a growing appreciation for vintage and used guitars is actually facilitating the resurgence of high-quality new gear... Read More