It’s show time! The NAMM Show is back into regular annual rhythms, once again—and that means thousands of new product launches are now available for preorder at CME, all at once! We’ve combed through the latest releases at the show from all our favorite brands in search of the products that we know our CME customers will love, from new signature models—like the Reverend Billy Corgan Drop Z baritone and ESP’s new Bill Kelleher Royal Shiva—to guitar amps, pedals, and accessories, like the Vox Mini Go portable modeling amps, or the 40th Anniversary Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer—plus, loads of new arrivals at the Synth Exchange and the Drum Exchange, respectively. Get first in line for any of the new launches announced at NAMM 2024 when you call CME and place your preorder today!