None other than Jeff Mattz from the Grammy Award-winning metal group High On Fire stopped by to demo one of his favorite pedals for us, the Damnation Audio MBD2. Featuring an excellent clean tone at any level of the variable blend, the Damnation Audio MBD2 can get as dirty as you want without losing focus.

Jeff matz describes the mbd2 bass overdrive

Jeff from High On Fire here, and I'll be demoing the MBD2 from Damnation Audio with my signature Dunable JM2 bass.

We were getting ready to record our last album, Electric Messiah, and I was looking for some different options for bass sounds.

I'd heard really good things about the MBD1 through some mutual friends, so I reached out to Jeff to introduce myself and he sent me an MBD1 out right away, and I loved it. Totally what I was looking for, just really meaty, clear, and punchy, and I used that on the last recording.

I hit him up about an MBD1 in a smaller enclosure, and he was like, well, actually, we're about to launch this. So he sent me one of these. I've been using it on the road, and it's just been doing an amazing job. Sounds killer.

The thing I really like about this pedal is, no matter how much dirt you put on it, the low end really stays focused and clear. I really lean on that heavily for getting clarity in my bass sound. It's got one of the best clean blends of any pedal I've tried. I don't know what it's doing. It's like some kind of secret magic, but yeah, it sounds awesome.

Damnation Audio Effects and Pedals / Bass Pedals Damnation Audio MBD-2 MOSFET Bass Distortion Grey Sparkle
Damnation Audio Effects and Pedals / Bass Pedals Damnation Audio MBD-2 MOSFET Bass Distortion Grey Sparkle
Damnation Audio Effects and Pedals / Bass Pedals Damnation Audio MBD-2 MOSFET Bass Distortion Grey Sparkle

Damnation Audio MBD-2 MOSFET Bass Distortion Grey Sparkle

From Damnation Audio:

New for Winter 2019 (and beyond!!!)  The MBD-2 is the long awaited follow up to our successful MBD-1 MOSFET Bass Distortion.  The heart of the MBD-2 is the same bass loving distortion as the original but with a few enhancements customers have begged for (and up until recently we’ve looked down from our high horse and said, “No”).

Those enhancements include: a smaller enclosure (with top-jacks of course!!!), an external boost switch capable of adding 20dB of gain to transport the internal MOSFETs into valhala, silent bypass switching for quiet stages (what are those???), and of course a sexy new look.  This compact evolution of the MBD-1 can fit on smaller boards so you no longer have to decide between crushing bass distortion and your Altoids tin.

And as always you’ll…

Never Worry About Your Bass Tone Again!

Dimensions: 2 1/2” x 4 5/8” x 2 1/4”
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