Over 200 pieces of the artist’s personal and stage-played gear, available only at the Chicago Music Exchange.

The Richard Fortus Collection is finally here! This massive haul features over 200 pieces, and it’s only at the Chicago Music Exchange!

In his quest to buy a ‘Burst, Fortus is offering up electric and acoustic guitars from his personal cache, as well as amplifiers, combos, cabinets, and stage- and studio-played gear culled from over 30 years touring the world with Guns N’ Roses, Thin Lizzy, The Psychedelic Furs, Rihanna, *NSYNC, The Dead Daisies, and more!

Richard Fortus Stage Played Gibson
Richard Fortus with his Collection

Each item in the Richard Fortus Collection will include a Certificate of Authenticity, as well as a brief description or anecdote written by Richard Fortus himself.

All of these pieces are one of one, a unique part of the artist’s musical history, which he hopes to trade for the ultimate collector’s prize: a Sunburst-finish Gibson Les Paul Standard, an impossibly rare vintage model affectionately known as a “‘Burst.”


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Browse this one-of-a-kind collection for your chance to purchase a piece from one of rock’s most in-demand guitarists and bring Richard one step closer to a life-long dream.









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"This is it- the be-all, end-all of Marshalls. It's magical. I bought this from Mick Mars. I went over to his house and played through a stack...I plugged in to this, hit one chord, and my jaw hit the ground. The holy grail of Marshalls."

"This amp was used on a ton of recordings and during amp shoot-outs, would always win in the studio. It was used on 'Hole's.'" 

"Everything about this guitar is great. I've had so many different pickups in this guitar. I believe these are Cream T- pickups. This is a piece that I will miss. I've spent so many years on stage with this one. It's on the inside cover of 'Chinese Democracy.'"

"I don't know if there is another of these. Dave made this for me and has tweaked on it over the years. All hand wired, point to point. I used this with Guns N' Roses."

"I grew up in St Louis and when I was a kid, many bands would end up having their trucks stolen while they were in town. I remember that Angel was one of those bands. 35 years later, I saw this amp in a shop and bought it. It's Punky Meadow's head and still has the Angel flight case. It's an incredible sounding amp."

"Unique piece that was made for me when I was in my 20's. I used it on many recordings in place of slide. The solo on the single "California" by Honky Toast was done on this as well as the solo on the song "Sleep" by the Dead Daisies."

"I used this as one of my main gigging amps in New York City for many years. I bought it when I was about 20 years old and it's been with me ever since."

"This was my first Marshall. It was modded by Obeid Khan and was then put back stock. This amp was with me on so many tours. From my first band- Pale Divine, to Love Spit Love, the Psychedelic Furs, Honky Toast and Guns n' Roses."

"I bought this from legendary guitarist Bobby Caldwell when I was about 18. I have used it on many albums. I used it on "Am I Wrong" by Love Spit Love and played it on tour and on television performances of that song."

"Every solo spot I ever played with Gn'R was done on this guitar. It has Tom Holmes pickups and was the first Trussart I bought. There is a kill switch on it and the pick up selector was moved. I used it on 'Chinese Democracy' and a ton of other albums. The easiest playing neck and a fantastic sounding guitar.

"I used this head on tours with Enrique Iglesias and Rihanna."

"One of my first guitars. So 80's it hurts! I used this for years with my first band "The Eyes", when I was about 15."

"This guitar was given to Dr John by John Campbell while they were working on an album together for Etta James. When Mac died, his widow called John Campbell's widow to see if she wanted the guitar back. She had no use for it, but told her it should go to me. So I bought it from her. It has John's gris gris stick and other talisman items with it."

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