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We gave Chicago Drum Exchange its own storefront to make it a standalone destination—both for touring drummers passing through, and for the local drum community, alike. Designed be a one-stop shop for working musicians, CDE carries anything a drummer might need, and then some—from full kits, to cymbals, snare drums, hardware, bags, and accessories, plus electronic and world percussion instruments—with a collection of inventory that’s been tailored to our to our customers’ needs and curated to carry only the gear we love.


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Turkish Cybals

DW | Performance Series in CDE Exclusive Confetti Sparkle

Get Performance Series drum kits and snares in one of DW’s most colorful finish options available—ONLY at Chicago Drum Exchange! Check out our Soundboard blog to learn more, then call CDE or chat us online today to order yours!



While connected to the main Showroom, the Chicago Drum Exchange stands alone. CDE carries the best in new, used, and vintage gear, with exclusive kits, snares, and hardware created in partnership with the industry's top brands like A&F, Ludwig, Gretsch, and DW, and our deep selection of cymbals and percussion accessories offer endless color to keep your kit varied and vibrant. 



Contact us today we can help find the perfect gear to add to your own collection! Our drum & percussion experts are standing by to help guide you through the process! 

Ludwig Classic Maple 13/16/22 3pc. Drum Kit Mahogany Stain Lacquer
Ludwig Classic Maple 13/16/24 3pc. Drum Kit Vintage Black Oyster

Ludwig Vistalite at the Chicago Drum Exchange

Notorious for their attack as they are for their stunning crystalline looks, Vistalite acrylic drums are a statement both sonically and visually. Vistalite drums are produced to highest construction standards with reinforced seams and crisp bearing edges for optimum shell integrity and tuning range. Since 1972, Vistalite drums have been performed on and coveted by some of music's top players.

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Discover Turkish Cymbals

Founded in 1996 by Mehmet Tamdeger - a former apprentice of Mikhail Zildjian (son of former Zildjian President Kerope Zildjian) - Turkish Cymbals create modern, aggressive styles of cymbals that are constantly evolving for the needs of today’s drummers. “We feel these cymbals are a reflection of generations of craftsmen and drummers,” adds Gerrits. “We try to stay true to that with how we present them.”


Turkish 22
Turkish 22

Turkish 22" Millennium Ride Cymbal

Turkish Cymbals 20
Turkish Cymbals 20
Turkish Cymbals 20

Turkish Cymbals 20" Classic Crash Cymbal USED

Turkish Cymbals 15
Turkish Cymbals 15
Turkish Cymbals 15

Turkish Cymbals 15" Vintage Soul Hi-Hat Pair USED

Turkish Cymbals 15
Turkish Cymbals 15
Turkish Cymbals 15

Turkish Cymbals 15" Lale Signature Hi-Hat Pair USED