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New, Used, & Vintage Gibson SG Guitars

New, Used, & Vintage Gibson SG Guitars

When Gibson first designed the SG in 1960, they were looking to re-design the antiquated Les Paul which had faded from popularity. Rock music was getting louder, guitarists were playing faster, and Gibson was determined to ride the sea change through.

With a slimmer, double cut-away body, and according to Gibson, “the fastest neck in the world,” the new design was radical to say the least. So much so that Les Paul asked to have his name removed from the model. Gibson obliged, and the “SG” or Solid-Guitar was born.

The Who, AC/DC, The Allman Bros and Black Sabbath all embraced the SG as their own. The iconic, radical shape resonated with a generation jilted by society and determined to run against the grain. Not to mention the insane amounts of sustain, and ripping, overdriven tones were like nothing ever heard before. From Frank Zappa to Iron Maiden, the SG can be found in every genre music on the planet.

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