We're the luckiest musicians in the world! We have our hands on the GREATEST GEAR that has ever existed. We build it, we buy it, we play it, and of course, we sell it. We all have our favorites and good reasons why. We'd love to keep it a secret and have all of the magical tones to ourselves but that would be CRAZY! Staff Picks is where each of our experts share their FAVORITE GEAR! It's always changing, always updating with the latest and greatest. Enjoy CME Staff PIcks!

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Tone King Imperial MKII 20W 1x12 Combo Brown/Beige
  • $2,695.00

Amps / Guitar Combos

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Cordoba 30T Tenor Ukulele Solid Mahogany w/Polyfoam Case
  • $429.00

Folk Instruments / Ukuleles

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Yamaha FG800 Folk Acoustic Natural
  • $229.99

Acoustic Guitars / Dreadnought