Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver Overdrive/Fuzz

Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver Overdrive/Fuzz

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  • $249.00

Description & Specs

This pedal combines the best aspects of Skreddy's popular Screw Driver and Lunar Module pedals into a format optimized for humbucking pickups.

To counteract the tendency of some humbuckers towards muddiness (caused by excessive bass), the Hybrid Fuzz Driver keeps low frequencies from over-saturating. This lets you hear that gorgeous bell-like attack with the woody tone of your Les Paul instead of a brick-wall-compressed buzz or excessive coloration, even when you turn the gain way up high.

With single coils, you get all that lovely chime and with a nice, hot top end that makes your Strat's in-between settings really sparkle and pop out like you've always wished they would. This is great news for those of you with RWRP middle pickups: No more dark, un-usable out-of-phase settings!

  • Headroom, openness, and clarity are all incredible for a fuzz-based effect. You will hear the TONE OF YOUR GUITAR, with its natural eq and attack, coming through--not a fuzz tone superimposed upon it; no thinning out or muddying up, and no excess compression or congested feel.
  • Guitar volume clean-up is superb, No change in tone as you roll off your volume--it just cleans up gradually and predictably.
  • As you turn up the gain of the input transistor (mid boost), you get boosted mids and highs, hotter harmonics, and higher gain but without losing chord tightness and string definition.
  • The volume control is set up to match unity gain of high-output pickups at around noon, and of course there is PLENTY of boost available.
  • The tightness control is mild and well-balanced, with no excess bass boosting at counter-clock-wise but just low-mids, for a denser, thicker tone. And of course extra tight jangliness--but still not too thin--at clock-wise. Neutral eq is noon of course.