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Meinl | Cymbals

Since starting in 1951, Meinl Percussion has been creating an incredibly diverse range of instruments for musicians everywhere. Meinl was founded by Ronland Meinl in Gutenstetten, Germany. Meinl focuses on cymbals and percussion, creating a majestic array of sounds no matter what you are searching for. While Meinl is extremely well-known all around the world for their cymbals, they also offer a wide variety of other instruments. Their hand percussion selection is unparalleled- whether you are searching for shakers, congas, tambourines, castanets or any multitude of bells and exotic instruments. Meinl also builds bongos, tamboras, and more.

No matter what you are looking for, Meinl will surely meet your percussion needs. Whether you are looking to create an exotic, wordily sound or something with mainstream style, Meinl has something for everyone. Their dedication to quality is apparent in each and every piece as precision is a must. The list of Meinl artists is incredibly long and impressive. Users include The Word Alive, Chris Adler, Maytal Cohen, Abah Andris, Robert 'Sput' Searight, Daniel Williams, Brann Dailor, and Matthew Garstka.

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