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Whether it’s used or vintage, mint condition or a little beat up – we would love a chance to make you an offer. The best way to accomplish this is for you to list your gear on and send us the link to your listing by filling out the form below. Our buyers are constantly scouring Reverb for gear and it’s really your best option for a few reasons:

  1. Get your money faster. When you accept an offer on Reverb, you can get paid same day. Selling direct means shipping the item to us and then receiving a check in the mail after we receive the item, which could take days.
  2. A larger audience means more bids. We do our best to offer top-dollar for your gear, but on, there’s a good chance that other buyers out there are looking specifically for your item and are willing to outbid us.
  3. Not in Chicago? No problem! Get packing tips from Reverb's shipping best practices and ship your gear to us. If you're local, you can drop it off and avoid shipping altogether.

Need more information? If you aren’t quite ready to list, our buying team and vintage experts can help you along the process. To learn more about your instrument, Click here for our evaluation form, or check out the Reverb Price Guide for a detailed catalog of the world's most iconic instruments. If we are interested, we will help properly list your items.

What do you have? While our focus is typically vintage guitars and basses, we also buy amps, effects, drum kits, cymbals, specialty instruments and more.

Looking to sell a collection? There are very few buyers who are interested in or able to purchase an entire vintage guitar collection. We are definitely interested! Contact us to discuss your collection today 888-686-7872.

What's next? Listing on Reverb and sending us the listing or contacting us through the evaluation form is the quickest way to sell us your gear, but of course, you can visit us in person, email us, or call us at 1-773­-525­-773. Send us as much information as you can including make, model, year, serial, condition, and photographs. Tell us where you acquired the instrument and how long you have had it. Was it played be a prominent musician? From a famous collection? Let us know.­ We would love to hear!