Alembic Europa 5-String Long-Scale w/Red Side LEDs, Birds Eye Maple Fingerboard, Walnut Core, & Walnut Backplates (Serial #U14695)

5-String Bass Guitar in Natural with Maple Fingerboard, Includes Hardshell Case. Made in the USA.

Alembic Europa 5-String Long-Scale w/Red Side LEDs, Birds Eye Maple Fingerboard, Walnut Core, & Walnut Backplates (Serial #U14695)

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Description & Specs

From Alembic:

With its elegant and understated form, the Europa bass is the type of instrument you return to again and again, and each time you're reminded of why you love this bass so much. From the moment you wear it on strap, comfort and balance greet you. Plugging into the side mounted jack gives a satifying "kerchunk" in response. Once your amp warms up, the tone that piqued your interest in the first place comes flowing back. This bass is home.

Quick tone change switches give instant access to useful on-the-fly sounds. When you're ready to take that solo, you can simply flick the bass and treble switches to the boost position, knowing full well that when you're finished, that original sound is just a click away.

This Europa comes with Alembic's Maple and Walnut neck lamination pattern. The engineered beam supports even response across the Birds Eye maple fingerboard, and assures that snappy Alembic brilliance will be delivered at every note.

Like most Alembic basses, Europas are quite happy in a variety of musical settings. Turn the low-pass filters down to 300Hz for deep tones suitable for blues. Turned up to 6KHz, there's plenty of zing for slap or driving rock technique with a pick. Versatility puts the tone control in your heart and your hands.

Since each Europa bass is handcrafted right in our one-and-only shop in Santa Rosa, California, you are able to custom order any aspect of the bass. Custom fingerboard dimensions, wood choices, decorative details, or even things not yet invented are possible.

Serial #: U14695
Weight: 11lbs 5oz

Scale length: 34in
Neck woods: 7‑piece Maple and Walnut
Fingerboard: Birds eye maple, black tahitian mother of pearl oval inlays
Side dots: Red LEDs
Nut width: 1.875 in
24th fret width: 2.930 in
Peghead: Europa 5 (3+2)
Truss rods: dual, body adjust
Top wood: Duo-tone birds eye maple
Body wood: Walnut
Sandwich: Birds Eye Maple/ Mahogany accent Lam/ Maple pinstripe/ Walnut core
Body depth: 1.65 in
Finish: Polyester gloss with satin neck
Pickups: 2 Alembic WMXY
Controls: volume, pan, filter, 2‑position Q, bass cut/flat/boost, treble cut/flat boost
Backplates: Walnut
Bridge: Solid polished brass
Tuners: Alembic gotoh gold
Tailpiece: Solid brass, bird shape
Nut: Solid brass, height adjustable
Machine heads: Gold Alembic‑Gotoh
Overall dimensions: 13.85″ x 45.50″
Origin: 100% Made in Santa Rosa, CA USA
Case: Hardshell