Babik “Limba” 4-String Bass

Bass Guitar with Rosewood Fingerboard, Includes Hardshell Case.

Babik “Limba” 4-String Bass

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Description & Specs

Babik “Limba” 4-String Bass

From Babik:

The sound of these basses is a bit of a cross between an acoustic and an electric. Unlike a true acoustic, they do not feedback easily at high volume.  They can be brighter than electrics, but not harsh. The shapes are more of an electric bass with chambered bodies for resonance and weight relief.  The Pickup is a piezo system and the strings are tape wound for the acoustic sound. The look is “keep it simple” with just a volume knob and no visible pickups. The D-Tar piezo system has a Treble/Bass boost EQ in the pre-amp to allow the player to dial their own special tone.


Body Wood: Alder (7-Piece with Walnut and Basswood)
Top Wood: Black Limba (with Walnut, Basswood, and Mahogany)
Neck Wood: Black Limba
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Tuners: Hipshot Ultralite
Pickup: D-tar Piezo Pickup with adjustible bass and treble pots
Nut: Graph-tech Tusq
Saddle: Graph-tech Tusq