Brushfire Sure Lok Brushes (Normal Gauge)

Brushfire Sure Lok Brushes (Normal Gauge)

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Description & Specs

Finally a brush that will take the hassle out of smaller wire spreads from opening up while playing. This brush gives you the option of using both a reduced wire spread and a full wire formation. Simply move the handle in until it stops at the 2" width for a more pronounced sound. Push the handle in once again for the full 4" wire spread for a more subtle ballad sound. Both can be used in either position without slipping out.

This Brush has a new more comfortable textured rubber handle that will take the best of rim shots and cymbal rolls without chipping or gouging. The handle has been created to give you a more balanced feel. We can offer these brushes in either a 12 or 13 gauge wire at no extra cost. The wire retractable handle is conveniently "looped" at the end for easy access while pushing or pulling into different positions.

Best of all, SURE-LOK is priced so all drummers professional or just beginning can afford a hand made brush that will play the job , and play it to achieve the best sound available.