Chicago Music Exchange x Rigs Of Dad KugeScreamer Overdrive Pedal CME Exclusive

Chicago Music Exchange x Rigs Of Dad KugeScreamer Overdrive Pedal CME Exclusive

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This is not just a pedal. This is a new lease on life... This pedal in your hands will be undoubtedly produce more weight than an Oscar-hungry Christian Bale. Scared of adding a little too much heft to a clef? No worries, the Kugescreamer will have you spending so much time on the shredmill, doctors will say that your heart is healthier than ever... Just pumpin' out pure prowess and tone through your gain-veins, and unto the folks fortunate enough to have their ear-canals kissed by your greatness. 

This HI' juice box of bodacious was designed by a brave team of sound savants and riff doctors from the CME School of Sound and the Keeley Institute of Intonational Vocations with one thing in mind: TONE. 

It might looks like wires and knobs under the hood, but it is a serum that is sweeter than a sixer of elixir from the shandy shamans of the north. This tony pony cuts through the mix like the mint in a peppermint schnapps screwdriver. Endless control of your dynamics, giving you a full bodied sound of tube-crunchin' clarity and an extra layer that's so Crisp it could be the villain in "Kindergarten Cop". 

People always thought it would be impossible to distill the heart's full tonal wherewithal down to three knobs and a switch, but here it is... Let's dig in and show you what you're dealin' with; but remember, with great prowess comes great riffsponsibility. 

We've decided to call the area on the right the "INPUT". Like all things in life, the more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it. Now that doesn't mean you should go ahead and shove a sandwich or basket of pizza nuggets in there... But if you're gonna put your whole heart into this, and not a lot of nonsense wired in between, you're gonna see wear this pedals gets the "screamer" from. 

On the other side, we have an area called "OUTPUT". This is where you take over in the process of wiring it up... You can plug straight into a tone henge of amps, speakers, and fridges. Just make sure you hit the power button on your amp so it is ready to dish out the power. 

Speaking of power, on the top we have included a 9v power input, so you can save the batteries for your Walkman. This is 9v center negative, but positively crucial in finding your center. 


Tone: The first tone knob is your primary tone... some "elitists" will say it controls the gain, but our team of scientists have learned that gain is just a simplified tone. So we call it the tone knob and made it red, like the color of the heart from whence it poureth from. 

More Tone: This is where you really hone the tone and bring her home... turn it clockwise for a brighter patina to what you're pumpin' out. Go to the left if you wanna get darker than a monologue at Mocust Valley Acting Academy. White just like the knight that this pedal will be in saving your rig. 

Most Tone: Lastly we have "Most Tone" (or "Final Tone" depending on the gig)... The more you turn it to the right, the louder the tone. Purists will call it volume, but I've had those dorks on mute since "Throwing Copper" came out. All the way right will produce the loudest tone. Turn it left, and your tone will be "left out". Blue knob because "blew" is not a color, but it is what this knob will do to the minds of anyone that turns it. 

And of course we have the Lo/Hi switch as well... to be honest, I am not sure what this does, because I've been Hi most of my life. 

There is also a foot switch if you ever feel the need to turn this pedal off.... Spoiler alert: you won't. 
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