Drumgees Kick Drumgee Blue

Drumgees Kick Drumgee Blue

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Description & Specs

From Drumgees:

​Drumgees are the drum accessory that allow you to hold whatever you want against any drumhead. They make experimenting with tones and effects super fun and simple. In summary, Drumgees = stuff to hold stuff on stuff.

  • Drumgees are proudly made in a sweaty garage in the USA​.
  • Drumgees are made from durable ABS and Nylon plastics. Drumgees are designed to stay in place and take a beating without trashing your rims and hoops.The leather strips on the Kick Drumgees protect your bass drum hoops from marks and scratches while providing extra grip.
  • Drumgees are made to work on all standard triple-flange, die-cast and bass drum hoops.