Empress Multidrive Overdrive, Distortion & Fuzz

Empress Multidrive Overdrive, Distortion & Fuzz

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Description & Specs

Each effect on the Empress Multidrive features its own controls; Volume, Gain, and a three-way Filter switch. Each filter can be set for low pass, high pass, or off with a cutoff frequency of 500hz. The Gain sets the saturation level while the Volume blends the effect into the Master section. This allows an unending palette of total control. The Distortion channel includes an extra control for distortion type. Choose from Crunch, Mild, and Lead. Turn on the Fuzz with the high pass filter engaged for high frequency sustain and blend it with the Distortion with the low pass filter engaged. This yields the tight British low end of the Distortion with the cutting sustain of the Fuzz for a searing lead tone. This is just one example of the versatility of the Empress Multidrive. The more imagination that is used, the more tone can be had.

In the Master section of the Multidrive there are controls for Hi, Mid, Low, and Output with a three-way toggle for setting the frequency (500, 250, or 2k) of the Mid knob allowing the user to sculpt the final tone in any way they desire. This might sound like a lot but consider the possibilities. The live guitarist has a versatile, two-channel dirt box at their feet that can comp any sound they desire on each channel. The studio guitarist has the option of two settings of multiple blended tones eliminating the need for multiple takes through different amps as well as the extra mixing procedures to blend those amps together. This saves time, which in the studio can save a lot of cash as well as frustration and ear fatigue.

The Empress Multidrive represents a new era in effects pedals. With the limitless possibilities of tone coupled with the usability of multiple gain stages blended together, there is nothing the Multidrive cannot do.