Fender Custom Shop 1960 Stratocaster "Chicago Special" Journeyman Relic Aged Black (Serial #R108059)

CME Exclusive 6-String Solid Body Electric Guitar in Black with Rosewood Fingerboard, Includes Hardshell Case. Made in the USA.

Fender Custom Shop 1960 Stratocaster "Chicago Special" Journeyman Relic Aged Black (Serial #R108059)

Brand New
  • $3,520.00

Description & Specs

If a more modern spin on a classic Strat is something that interests you, the 1960 “Chicago Special” Stratocaster is for you. The 1960’s were a period of innovation, so we honored the spirit of the time by including a 9’5” radius (a modern upgrade) and a the Fender ½ blender which allows you to blend in the neck pickup in the 1st and 2nd position by way of the first tone knob. The slab rosewood fretboard is joined to a rift sawn maple neck to enhance the resonance of the neck. Finally, the Chicago Special pickups we’re created with Mike Lewis to ensure a balanced output across every pole piece. The Alnico 5 magnets are wrapped in 42 gauge enamel wire, and potted in shellac to recreate the round highs, and wide open frequency range of a vintage pickup.

"Chicago Special" Strat® pickups
  • Calibrated set - bridge to neck - for balanced output
  • Each pickup as custom AlNiCo 5 magnet stagger for optimum output balance string-to-string
  • 42 gauge enamel wire for round highs
  • Potted in shellac for open wide range frequency response

Model Number: 9237100248
Serial Number: R108059
Finish Package: Journeyman w/ Closet Classic Hardware
Case: Fender Custom Shop Brown
Weight: 7lbs 8oz

Body Wood: Alder, 2 Piece
Body Color: Aged Black
Body Finish: Nitro Lacquer
Sort for Lightweight: Yes
Hardware Plating: Chrome/Nickel
Bridge Assembly: American Vintage Strat Bridge CC
Output Assembly: Vintage Strat CC
Control Assembly: Strat ½ Blender
Neck Plate: R Serial Vintage CC
Back Plate & Trem Cover: Strat Parchment Relic
Tremolo Arm: Vintage Upgraded 60s CC
Tremolo Arm Tip: Vintage Aged
Tuner Keys: Vintage w/Fender Logo CC
String Guide: American Vintage 59-64 Metal Spacer CC
String Gauge: .010-.046

Neck Assembly: 60 Strat Relic CC
Neck Finish: Medium Tint Nitro Lacquer
Neck Blank: Maple Rift Sawn
Fingerboard: Rosewood 9mm
Truss Rod: 60s
Head Style: Small
Neck Head Thickness: 0.575"
Neck Scoop: 60
Dot Spacing: Wide
Face Dot: Micarta White .250
Side Dot: Micarta White 3/32”
Fret Wire: Sanko 6105
Number of Frets: 21
Fingerboard Radius: 9.50"
Neck Back Shape: 59 Strat C
Neck Nut Width: 1.650"
Neck Thickness at 1st Fret: .860"
Neck Thickness at 12th Fret: .980"
Neck Butt Width: 2.200"
Nut Material: Standard Micarta
Number of Bolts: 4 Bolt
Head Cap Decal: 56 – 60 Strat

Pickguard: 60 Strat Nitro G/B/G Relic
Pickup Neck: Hand-wound “Chicago Special” Strat Neck
Pickup Middle: Hand-wound “Chicago Special” Strat Mid RWRP
Pickup Bridge: Hand-wound “Chicago Special” Strat Bridge
Control Knobs: Vintage White Relic
Selector Switch Tip: Vintage White Relic
Pots: 250k 10% Taper Split
Switch: 5-Way Selector
Pickup Covers: Vintage White