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Fulltone Custom Shop WahFull Parked Wah



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Fulltone Custom Shop WahFull Parked Wah

  • small footprint, only 4" x 4.5" with top-mounted jacks.
  • rotary switch to access 3 modes of wah range: Wacked, Jimi, and Shaft.
  • external foot control jack....connect to any expression pedal for traditional wah wah operation. Unique to our expression circuit is that you can use any expression pedal having any potentiometer value from 10K-500K.
  • Fulltone exclusive new "Enhanced Bypass"..with no "pop" when switching and bypassed-tone so rich you will never again ask for true-bypass nor accept the tone loss of traditional buffered-bypass pedals.
  • JFET buffer on circuit INPUT offering an astounding 2 mega-ohm input impedance, zero interference to and from other pedals!
  • JFET buffered output offering zero interference to other pedals, perfect operation with even the highest gain amplifiers, and the ability to drive long runs of cable without tone-loss.

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