GuitarSlinger Tele 3-Way Wiring Kit

GuitarSlinger Tele 3-Way Wiring Kit

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  • $56.95

Description & Specs

From GuitarSlinger: 

This wiring kit consists of nothing but the highest quality parts constructed by the leading manufactures in the industry and is the perfect choice if you, e.g. want to get rid of some unwanted buzzes and crackles due to subpar electronics. Unleash the full potential of your Tele! 

  • 1 X  CRL 3-way switch
  • 1 X  Switchcraft input jack
  • 2 X CTS 250K Solid Shaft Pots
  • 1 SPRAGUE  .047mfd capacitors
  • 3.5 feet Gavitt black cloth wire
  • 3.5 feet Gavitt white cloth wire
  • 1 wiring diagram