Ludwig 1946

Ludwig 1946


Description & Specs


Taken from Ludwig’s 1940’s logo “Tops in the Drum World” - The Ludwig & Ludwig Top Hat & Cane Drum Kit is considered to be one of the rarest and quite possibly the most collectable drum set to ever exist. This was the creme of the crop, Ludwig’s top end drum kit, in the early 1940’s. What makes these kits so collectable is the fact that they were only built for 2 years between 1940 and 1941. The date stamps range all the way to 1946 because Ludwig would not finish building them until they sold. Being that these kits were being produced at the end of the Great Depression, it makes sense why were so few to ever see the light of day. 

This Top Hat & Cane is very special because it may be the only one in existence today to have tack resonant heads. Because of the nature of these calf-skin drum heads, it is likely that other Top Hat & Cane tack heads have been destroyed over time. 

This kit is in immaculate shape for being as old as it is. We have the original tom mount, floor tom basket, and bass drum spurs to go along with it. This is definitely a one of kind kit. There are only about 20 of these kits known to exist worldwide. 

Kit Finish: Wrap Finish

# of Pieces: 3-Piece Kit

Bass Drum Diameter: 26" Bass Drum

Tom Diameters: 9x13/14x16/14x26

Shell Material: Wood Shell

Hardware Details: Original Ludwig & Ludwig hardware and tacked heads

Cosmetic Condition: Amazing 1946 condition. Only about 20 of these Top Hat and Cane sets are known to exist worldwide.