Meinl 18" Pure Alloy Custom Trash Crash Cymbal

Meinl 18" Pure Alloy Custom Trash Crash Cymbal

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Description & Specs

From Meinl:

Pure Alloy Custom is a unique line of cymbals based on our existing line of Pure Alloy, but with a custom smoked-bronze finish on top and brilliant finish on the bottom for an exciting new look. The models feature a medium-thin weight range, offering more diversity for the Pure Alloy family. With the thinner weight, they produce a slightly softer attack with a warmer body and faster decay while maintaining the bright shimmer and sustain that Pure Alloy is known for.

Size: 18"
Type: Crash
Styles: Rock/Pop/Fusion/R&B/Reggae/Studio
Timbre: Mid-Dark
Character: Complex/Full-bodied/Musical/Sensitive/Smooth/Warm
Pitch: Low-Mid
Volume: Medium to Low 
Sustain: Medium
Weight: Medium Thin
Shaping: Computerized Hammering
Finish: Smoked-Bronze/Brilliant Pure Alloy
Material: Pure Alloy
Lathe: Pinpoint
Made in: Germany