Rickenbacker Console 208 Natural 1960s

Short-Scale Electric Guitar in Natural. Made in the USA.

Rickenbacker Console 208 Natural 1960s


Description & Specs


Finish: Original

Body Material: Laminate Body

Body Details: Laminate wood body with hardwood veneer and aluminum trim.

Fingerboard Radius: No Radius

Nut Width: 2-1/4"

Scale Length: 22-1/2"

Electronics: Original stock pickups and wiring. The pot codes are covered by solder so these cannot be dated. Each string bank has its own on/off switch. The upper knob controls volume for both pickups. The lower knob controls tone for both pickups.

Pickup Measurements: upper bank- 6.9k ohms lower bank 6.5k ohms

Hardware: The hardware is all original except for the dome knobs. The dome knobs are clearly replacements because they have metric size set screws and wobble slightly on the pot shafts. This is not affecting playability.

Modifications / Repairs: The knobs have been replaced. One of the rubber feet for one of the legs has been replaced.

Case Details: Case not included.

Cosmetic Condition: The guitar has light plays wear for its age. The metal hardware and trim is nicely tarnished with age.

Tech Notes: The guitar has no serial number, but appears to be from the 1960s.