Rivera Mini RockRec Loadbox w/Built in Cab Simulator

Rivera Mini RockRec Loadbox w/Built in Cab Simulator

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Description & Specs

Rivera Mini RockRec Loadbox w/Built in Cab Simulator
The Mini Rockrec is a load box and speaker emulator that provides the safest load for you tube amp and gives the best sounding authentic analog guitar tones direct!

Featuring 6 sought after voicings, 4/8/16 ohm selector for a perfect match with any amp, direct out, direct EQ bypass out and headphones out for late night jamming.  Overbuilt with mega thermal capacity to easily handle up to 300watts of tube power with ease.  MADE IN THE USA

Some 100watt tube amps actually can hit 170watts when maxed out.  The Mini Rockrec can handle the power with ease while keeping the impedance tolerances tight.  Even SVT owners can ditch their cabinet and safely load their 300watt amp when in the 4 or 16ohm position.

Front of house mixers will love getting your amps authentic tone direct without having drums and bass bleeding into the mike on a cabinet, causing a poor mix.  You can also get amazing tones direct for home recording with 6 sculpted voices to choose from.  The Mini Rockrec also allows you to run two outs simultaneously, one with the EQ and one without. This allows you to record one track with the Rockrec’s EQ and one with EQ bypassed to use with your favorite cabinet modeling software.
The Mini Rockrec also features a Headphones out for late night jamming with your favorite tube amp.

  • Speaker cab simulator and load box with 4/8/16 ohm switch
  • For use with guitar and bass amplifiers rated up to 300W
  • 6 cabinet emulator voicings to choose from.
  • 3 outs which can be run simultaneously which include Direct XLR balanced out and¼ unbalanced out and line Out (NO EQ) unbalanced out.
  • Allows you to play your amp without a speaker cabinet connected
  • Makes it easy to connect your guitar amp directly to a mixing console, mic preamp, or recording device
  • Headphone out for late night jamming.