Seymour Duncan Antiquity - Precision Bass

Seymour Duncan Antiquity - Precision Bass

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Description & Specs

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Series

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Series pickups have the look, feel and classic sound of vintage pickups. Hand crafted in Seymour Duncan's Santa Barbara custom shop using the same materials and techniques as the originals that have become so iconic, these "new" pickups are as close to the real thing as it gets. Each pickup is delicately handled to replicate the unmistakable tone and look of truly worn pickups- something that couldn't be done with a mass production process.

Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-Bass® Pickups

The two bobbins are reverse wound and reverse polarity to make the pickup humbucking. The pickups are hand fabricated and wound using traditional techniques and use classic "push back" cloth braid hookup wire. Each pickup comes with aged black covers, schematics and mounting screws.

top pickup length: 2.142
top pickup width: 1.003
bottom plate length: 2.142
bottom plate width: 1.003
total pickup height: .435
total magnet height: .531
winding direction: tc/tg
magnet polarity: south/north
pickup cover length: 2.221
pickup cover width: 1.088
pickup cover height: .550
height adjustment: screwed into body cavity
magnet pattern: raised top and bottom
Part Number: 11044-11
Model: Antiquity P-Bass
Pickup Type: P-Bass
Output: Vintage
Strings: 4
Position: Single Pickup
Cable: Cloth Push-Back
Magnet: Alnico 2
DC Resistance: 11
Inductance: 6.50 henries
Q: 3.54