Seymour Duncan Custom Shop High Voltage Humbucker Set

Seymour Duncan Custom Shop High Voltage Humbucker Set

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Description & Specs

The High Voltage humbucker has a vintage flavor but with the ability to get real mean and dirty. Although this pickup set shares some similarities with the Pearly Gates, it takes a noticeable shift. Its very bluesy and clean with not a lot of low end, great for driving a cranked Marshall as you blast out stinging leads and crunchy rhythms.


One of the keys to the High Voltage sound is the selection of specifically calibrated Alnico II magnets to provide an even response between the bridge and neck pickups. The neck pickup is wound to a DC resistance of 7.7k, with the bridge wound a little hotter at 8.6k for a little more sonic T.N.T.


The High Voltage humbucker set features lightly aged chrome covers prepared with a unique process that differs from the aged nickel of our Antiquity humbuckers. This gives them a played-in look but is more resistant to the effects of corrosive sweat, which is an important consideration whether youre giving it your all in the pubs of Melbourne or running across the stage at Madison Square Garden. 


Drop a set in an SG, plug it into a Marshall, flick the switch and prepare to rock. 


DC Resistance: 7.7k, 8.6k

Application: Standard HB Route

2 Conductor Vintage Braided