Silica Sound 421 Original Large Glass Slide - Blue-Green

Silica Sound 421 Original Large Glass Slide - Blue-Green

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Description & Specs

Silica Sound 421 Original Large Glass Slide

Each Silica Sound slide has a unique tapered end that provides a snug fitting grip that can't be found in any other glass slide. The application and melting-in of colored glass condenses the end of the slide and forms the finger-gripping taper. This adds mass which helps to provide more sustain, while also giving the slide a unique and eye-catching appearance. The edge of the tapered end is even slightly rounded, enabling you to grab those single string notes. These slides are quick and precise.

The outside of each slide is completely straight and flat for the full length of the slide. In other words, the outside diameter of the tapered/colored end is the same as the rest of the slide. There are no bumps or ridges on the outside of the slide. While each slide is being made, great attention is taken to make sure there are no imperfections caused by the addition of the colored glass. Each slide is fully annealed to ensure maximum structural strength & integrity.


Length:   2.1"  

Outside Diameter:   26.0 mm ( ~ 1.0")

Inner Diameter (clear glass):   20.4 mm (Ring size ~10.75)

Inner Diameter Of Taper:   Usually 13-17mm (Ring sizes 1.5-7)

Wall Thickness:   2.8 mm

  • Great for a pinky slide, or for a higher riding slide on other fingers
  • The tapers on these typically have a tighter fit