Vox AC15CH 15W Head w/ Attenuator

Vox AC15CH 15W Head w/ Attenuator

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Description & Specs

Vox AC15CH 15W Head w/Attenuator

The Vox that started it all! The new Vox AC15 Custom Head is an all-tube workhorse that delivers that classic British tone in all its original glory. A desert-island amp for many of the biggest names in rock music history, get the tone that helped kick-start a revolution nearly 60 years ago.
Included in the AC15 Custom is the classic Vox tremolo and a new Reactive Attenuator. This new design uses Vox’s Reactor Technology, optimizing the interaction between the speaker and amp at any volume. Get the same breakup and power at bedroom or stage volumes.


Output: 15 Watts Rms (16 Ohms / 8 Ohms)
Input Jacks:

  • Input (Top Boost)
  • Input (Normal)
  • Foot Switch

Output Jacks: Loudspeaker X 2
Dimensions W X D X H (Mm):  10 X 266 X 284 / 24.02" X 10.47" X 11.18"
Weight: 15.3 Kg / 33.73 Lbs.
Included Items:  Ac Cable, Speaker Cable
Accessories:  Vfs2 Foot Switch