Ernie Ball Family Reserve

The Ball Family Reserve represents the finest that Ernie Ball has to offer. Including models formerly reserved for the family, their friends, and s...

PRS Modern Eagle V

PRS unveils the Modern Eagle V, an extremely limited, maple 10 Top model with special appointments commemorating the 2020 Experience PRS event, the...

Vintage Vibes: 1970s Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck

Nathaniel takes us through this prime example of a '70s Gibson EDS-1275, one neck at a time.

What's the Best Acoustic Guitar for Singers?

Acoustic Guitar Specialist Karl Neurauter demonstrates how different tonewoods and body shapes frame your voice, using a Gibson J-45 Vintage Red Sp...

Walrus Audio SLÄRP | CME Exclusive

Say it with us now: SLÄRP it to me, baby! The new CME Exclusive SLÄRP from Walrus Audio combines the Slö Multi-Texture Reverb with the ARP-87 Multi...

Squier Paranormal and Mini Series

Squier re-introduces some famed models from the '90s, as well as some new Mini offerings in the new Paranormal and Mini Series

Meet Your Maker: Carlos Lopez

We drop in on one of the Fender Custom Shop’s newest Master Builders in this installment of Meet Your Maker. 

New Releases From Gretsch, Jackson, Charvel & EVH

Jackson, Gretsch, Charvel, and EVH released a slew of new models just in time for Summer 2020

Taylor American Dream Series

American made. V-Class Bracing. Solid-wood construction. Starting at $1399

Death By Audio ROOMS Stereo Reverberator

Joel invites us into his Rooms, the new Stereo Reverberator from Death By Audio. More than just a reverb pedal, the aptly named Rooms Stereo Rever...

Gretsch Custom Shop Korina Caddy Bos Master Built by Stephen Stern

Not a baritone, not a bass, and not even really a guitar, this 1965 Fender Bass VI is somehow all of those things at once, and more. Papa Shelby ta...

Earthquaker Devices Life Pedal V2 at Chicago Music Exchange

No longer cloaked in secrecy, the Life Pedal V2 is the second distortion and boost with a blendable octave that EQD has engineered in collaboration...