Polyend Play+ 16 Track Groovebox, Synth and Sequencer

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Polyend Play+ 16 Track Groovebox, Synth and Sequencer

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Description & Specs

16 Track Groovebox + Synth + Sequencer
Introducing Play+, the next-generation groovebox. Immerse yourself in richer stereo sounds, explore multitimbral polyphonic synthesis, and experience seamless audio over USB.  

Advanced Cababilities with an Intuitive Interface
With Play+, you can create complex evolving patterns by balancing advanced sequencing options with intuitive control. With deep generative capabilities, randomization functions, and track-specific swing, length, and speed adjustments, as well as a performance mode and step-by-step parameter sequencing, there's plenty to choose from. Synthesizer engines, MIDI tracks, and stereo samples can all be sequenced simultaneously.

Multitimbral Synthesizer
Besides samples and MIDI, Play+ has built-in synths! Choose from multiple synth engines, each with a unique sound. Each synth engine includes over 200 presets, all of which are professionally crafted and ready to inspire right out of the box. With intuitive multi-macros, you can shape and morph sounds so they fit exactly right. Keeping with Play's spirit, the synth engine is fast and easy to use. Pick and place interfaces, generative options, and scale locks make it easy for you to get started quickly.

Stereo Expansion
With Play+, we've transitioned from mono to stereo sample playback, allowing for a more nuanced and expansive sonic canvas. Experience your sounds with added depth, capturing the subtleties that make all the difference.  

Seamless Audio Over USB
Your sessions can be multitracked. Play+ allows you to send each track to your DAW separately, ensuring precision and flexibility in post-production. It's not just about ease of transfer; it also amplifies your mixing, mastering, and live performance potential. Play+ is built to complement every stage of your creative process - add polish to your songs, enhance your tracks with external effects, or add depth during a live performance.

Play to Play+ Upgrade
Loved every moment with Play? We're here to help you upgrade to Play+. We understand the bond you've formed with our original groovebox, so we offer a smooth upgrade path. With backward compatibility, you can seamlessly transfer your Play tracks to Play + and make more music.

4 All New Synthesiser Engines
Featuring 8 voices and the capability to simultaneously load and play up to three presets across 8 tracks, the Play + provides a unique synthesis experience, combining multitimbral polyphonic synthesis with powerful sequencing. Explore four synth engines specifically crafted for the Play +. Adding per-step-control over six macros to the Play allows you to create dynamic tracks and evolving patterns.  

  • ACD: By recreating iconic monophonic analog synths, ACD transports you back to the golden age of electronic music. ACD captures the essence of Japanese legends, and propels you into the future with lightning-fast synthesis. From faithful analog recreations to entirely unique and innovative soundscapes, it offers a rich palette.
  • FAT: Featuring three virtual analog oscillators and intuitive drift and detune controls, FAT is a powerful synth engine that emulates the lush warmth of classic analog synthesizers. This preset package contains two distinct ladder filter flavors, inspired by two unique analog classics. It offers a wide range of sounds, from deep bass to ethereal pads to expressive leads to classic keyboards.
  • VAP: Virtual Analog Polysynth (VAP) combines dual oscillators with a versatile modulation matrix. VAP offers multiple filter flavors as well as pulse width modulation. It excels at creating unique sound effects, creating captivating textures, crafting lush pads, and crafting lush pads.
  • WTFM: A WaveTable oscillator-based oscillator-driven 3x feedback system drives WTFM's 2-operator FM synthesizer. Operators feature sweeping wavetables, ranging from fundamental sine waves to harmonically rich timbres. With adjustable oversampling options, you can switch seamlessly between pure clarity and nostalgic warmth. Create smooth, enveloping pads or metallic tones with precision and authenticity with WTFM.

Advanced Multi-Track Audio Over USB Integration
The Play+ seamlessly sends 14 stereo tracks into your DAW. It includes a stereo master, 8 sample-based tracks, 1 track per synth preset, delay, and reverb. Now you can make your finalized tracks stand out. Video and audio via USB.

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