Soldano Astro 20w 1x12 All-tube Combo

20-Watt 1x12" 6V6 Tube Electric Guitar Amplifier Combo.
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Soldano Astro 20w 1x12 All-tube Combo

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Description & Specs

The ASTRO-20 is a 3-channel, 4-Galaxy, Built-In-USA head that combines authentic all-tube tone with features ideal for today’s modern guitarist. Mike Soldandesigned this sonic powerhouse tbe a fully featured versatile 20w guitar amplifier. The ASTRO-20 can alsbe used as a stand-alone cab-less amplifier ideal for live sound, rehearsal and studirecording sessions, thanks tthe DSP powered IR cabinet simulation.

The simple front panel design of the ASTRO-20 lets you save any combination of the channels, Galaxies, and IRs and quickly recall them with the included 4-button MIDI footswitch. The free downloadable SoldanEditor Software makes organizing presets and integrating your own IRs fast and easy.

3-Channels of All-tube Tone
Despite its incredible onboard control, the ASTRO-20 is a straightforward, all-tube amplifier that
is powered by tw6V6 power tubes and four 12AX7 pre-amp tubes. There are three channels tselect: Clean, Overdrive 1 or Overdrive 2.

The Clean/Green Galaxy is a high-headroom circuit reminiscent of classic American combamps. It ranges from crystal clean tslightly pushed crunchy tones dialed in with a single Tone knob and a 3-way Bright switch.

Overdrive 1 and Overdrive 2 include independent Volume and Gain with a shared 3-band EQ. The Blue, Purple, and Red Galaxies can be assigned independently teach of the Overdrive channels via the Galaxy select switch.

The Galaxies
The Blue Galaxy ranges from bluesy cleans tfat and sparkly hard rock tones. The Purple Galaxy takes over where Blue leaves off, delivering higher gain and a tighter response. The Red Galaxy takes you on a journey starting from Soldano’s iconic lead tones ta new phenomenal high-gain universe. The Blue, Purple and Red Galaxies can be assigned tOverdrive 1 or Overdrive 2 independently and saved for instant recall.

The ASTRO-20 lets you customize the overdrive channels tYOUR needs. For example, you can select the Red Galaxy for both OD 1 and OD 2 (and set the Volume and Gain differently on each channel), or OD1 as Blue and OD2 as Red, or OD1 as Purple and OD2 as Red – the combinations are endless.

Impulse Responses – Assignable Per Channel/Galaxy
Impulse response cabinet simulation is an essential tool for modern guitarists. The ASTRO-20 offers six onboard IR slots tchoose from. Each expertly recorded IR can be assigned teach channel/galaxy independently, ensuring you get the perfect tone and speaker response, whether running direct onstage, recording, or utilizing the amp’s headphone output for silent at- home practice. Add and manage your own IRs using the included SoldanEditor Software.

The STAR Display
All features of the ASTRO-20 are controlled right from the front panel, making it convenient and versatile. The innovative STAR display indicates which Galaxy is being played (Green, Blue, Purple or Red), while the 6 “planets” around the star indicate the current IR preset. The planet indicator will turn OFF in CAB BYPASS mode.

SoldanEditor Software
The SoldanEditor Software features an intuitive user interface, allowing you teasily assign
Galaxies tthe Overdrive channels, select different IRs for all three channels, load and organize your IR library, and save up t128 MIDI presets.

4-Button Midi Footswitch - Expanded MIDI Control
An included 4-button MIDI footswitch lets you save and access any combination of channels,
Galaxies, and onboard IRs. The amp alsaccepts external MIDI switchers and controllers, giving you up t128 user-created presets. You can assign and organize your presets with the included SoldanEditor Software.

Master Controls
The wide range master Presence control takes you from a tight and mid-focused response tan open, three-dimensional feel. The 3-positon Depth switch fine-tunes the power amp’s bass response. You can boost or cut the bass using this switch. Depth cut is ideal for extended range, low-tuned guitars, allowing you tcut through the mix. Depth boost beefs up single-coil guitars and at lower volumes enriches the bass response. If you want authentic Soldantube tone with the modern flexibility of digital control, the SoldanAstro-20 is the amp for you.

Celestion G12M Greenback
The ASTRO-20 combo is loaded with the legendary G12M Greenback from Celestion.  Its  broad mid-range attack and well-controlled low-end let’s explore every tonal nuisance found in each of the ASTRO’s Galaxies.


  • 20W lightweight all-tube guitar amplifier
  • Celestion G12M Greenback Loaded
  • Cascading-gain preamp design
  • Tubes:
    • 2 x 6V6
    • 4 x 12AX7
  • 3 Independent Channels
  • Master
    • VOLUME, PRESENCE and 3 position DEPTH switch
  • Clean Channel – the Green Galaxy
    • VOLUME, TONE and a 3-way BRIGHT switch
    • Ranges from crystal clean pushed crunchy tones 
  • Overdrive Channels
    • Independent GAIN and VOLUME per channel
    • Shared BASS, MIDDLE and TREBLE controls
    • Overdrive 1 and Overdrive 2 can be independently programmed the BLUE, PURPLE or RED galaxies.
  • Overdrive Galaxies
    • BLUE Galaxy ranges from bluesy cleans fat and sparkly hard rock tones
    • PURPLE Galaxy ranges from hard rock punchy high gain drive with a tighter
    • RED Galaxy with the famous sought after SOLDANlead overdrive tone
  • Low Latency IR Cabinet simulation (bypassable)
  • 6 IR presets, individually programmable per channel – these are the planets around the star.
    • Load your own IRs via the Software Editor
  • Included 4 button programmable MIDI foot switch pedal
    • 7-Pin MIDI Cable Included
  • Ultra-transparent series FX loop
  • XLR Balanced Output with Ground Lift
  • Cab-less operation
  • Headphone Output with dedicated VOLUME control
  • MIDI programmable (up t128 presets)
  • MIDI/Footswitch Input
  • 1x16 ohm, 2 x 8ohm (parallel) and 2x4 ohm (parallel) speaker connectors
  • USB Software Editor
    • Includes a 6’ USB Cable
  • Limited 5-Year Warranty
  • Dimensions: 19” (W) x 9.75” (D) x 9” (H)
  • Weight: 26 lbs.

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