SolidGoldFX 76 Octave Fuzz

SolidGoldFX 76 Octave Fuzz

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  • $175.00
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Description & Specs

Inspired by the Japanese octave up pedals of the 1960s, the SolidGoldFX 76 may looks pretty and refined, but it is anything but. Nasty to the core, this fuzz is an all out mess in the best way possible. Chaos reigns supreme with tones of grit and overtones. But like all SolidGoldFX products, the pedal remains musical, no matter how hard you fuzz it. 

Model: 76

Type: Octave/Fuzz
Controls: Volume, Fuzz, Color, Texture
Dimensions: 4.77" x 2.6 x 1.39"
Power Source: 9VDC
Inputs: 1 1/4"
Outputs: 1 1/4"